2006 Feb
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Communications 21st Century Managment Training Methods
2006 Feb 21st Century Managment Training Methods

Successful property management is as much an art as it is a business. A good manager needs to be able to think on her feet, respond quickly to problems, and exude sincere concern when faced with a homeowner's complaint. A manager needs t…

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Communications Using Technology to Get Organized
2006 Feb Using Technology to Get Organized

Are you one of those people who have papers everywhere? You know, the bills and mail that you tell yourself you are going to file away next week but just never seem to get to? Disorganization in one private household can be troublesome enou…

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Communications Hot Amenities for 2006 and Beyond
2006 Feb Hot Amenities for 2006 and Beyond

Remember watching the futuristic cartoon The Jetsonswhen you were younger and thinking how cool all the Jetson's family's high-tech gadgets and gizmos were? Well, if you've seen the show lately, you'll realize that most of those "futuris…

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Communications Bringing Computer-Phobic Residents Online
2006 Feb Bringing Computer-Phobic Residents Online

In an era when everyone seems to be working, paying bills and shopping via their computers, it's hard to believe that there are plenty of us who still don't know the Internet from a fishing net. That's the reality of the technology divid…

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Communications How Does Your Board Measure Up?
2006 Feb How Does Your Board Measure Up?

Every condo building and HOA is different, and every association board is a unique blend of personalities. Two neighboring associations may take very different approaches to identical daily challenges, even if the issues facing them are …

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Organizations A Look Inside Wilkin Managment Group
2006 Feb A Look Inside Wilkin Managment Group

What separates one property management company from another? How would you go about choosing a management company? What are the most important characteristics of a company that will be responsible for the maintenance of your association?…

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Communications Wireless Internet
2006 Feb Wireless Internet

In this ever-changing, technology-driven society, the importance of Internet connectivity is on a par with the importance of electricity in the early 20th century. Electricity's endless applications made it an essential household utility…

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Real Estate Trends Deluxe Amenities
2006 Feb Deluxe Amenities

The growth and development of high rise properties and active adult communities is at unprecedented levels in New Jersey. Developers are keeping busy with the boom of new construction throughout the state and rolling out new high-quality…

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