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Board Operations Boards & Boundaries
2024 May Boards & Boundaries

In multifamily residential communities, where neighbors share common space, amenities, and maintenance—if not actual walls—establishing and maintaining boundaries can be a bit tricky.  Physical boundaries are often breached by things like …

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Board Operations Board Packages & Interviews
2023 Fall Board Packages & Interviews

When buying into a co-op, condo, or HOA, you’re not merely buying a home—you’re buying into a community. These communities are governed by policies and procedures that typically include prospective member requisites, as well as the methods …

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Board Operations 3d illustration of heap of textbooks for studying with ladder leading to glowing light bulb in graduation cap on pink background
2023 Summer Resources for Multifamily Boards

Serving on the board of directors of a co-op, condo, or HOA can be a daunting undertaking, but there are numerous resources available to get new members up to speed and to inform seasoned members of the latest products, services, laws, and …

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Board Operations Row of the new townhouses in Richmond, British Columbia.
2023 Expo Aesthetic Standards

Part of the appeal of living in a suburban HOA or condo association is living in an orderly and well kept community, with neighbors agreeing to uphold certain aesthetic standards for their properties to better preserve value for all.  What…

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Board Operations Human hand hold banner, placard with word Yes, No. Test question, choice, dispute, vote concept
2023 Expo The Board Approval Process

Board approval has been part and parcel of buying into a co-op since the housing model was introduced in the late 1800s. Boards can demand a great deal of personal information from buyers, and can approve or deny a purchase, as long as the …

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2023 Expo When Residents Are Away

It’s little surprise to many that the residents of luxury apartment buildings spend less time in their apartments than their less well-off neighbors. Second and even third homes are the reality for many wealthy shareholders and unit owners—…

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2023 Winter Continuity & Transfer of Power

Among the keys to successful governance of residential communities is continuity.  The most basic of democratically elected units, co-op, condo, and HOA boards are the custodians of their community’s welfare, success, and continued operatio…

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Board Operations The Board-Management Relationship
2023 Winter The Board-Management Relationship

In the world of co-ops, condos, and HOAs, management plays a slightly different role than it does in the rest of the real estate world. For example, in many rental buildings, the landlord or property owner often acts as de facto manager as …

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