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Maintenance Laundry lint from the dryer on white
2024 May Liability, Responsibility…and Lint

On the long list of building-related issues that multifamily boards and residents have to be concerned about, dryer lint is not likely uppermost. A leaky roof? Definitely. A boiler on the fritz in mid-January? Absolutely. But dryer lint, no…

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Maintenance Pressure Washing Garden Path Closeup Photo. Cleaning Backyard Garden Cobble Pathway.
2024 May Spring Awakening

As the days get longer, warmer, and more full of outdoor activity, multifamily boards and property managers must consider a whole new list of maintenance and preparation tasks to ready their buildings for the approaching summer. It’s finall…

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Maintenance Colorful private flower garden with lots of blooming and blossoming flowers and bushes
2024 May Does Curb Appeal Really Matter?

First impressions may not always tell the full story of a building (or a person, or a book, for that matter), but in the case of a multifamily building or HOA, the very first experience of a property—its exterior, entry spaces, even how sta…

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Maintenance Stages growth of tree from seed. Watering the plants. Collection of trees from small to large. Green tree with leaf growth diagram. Business cycle development.
2024 May Tree Care & Maintenance

“The trees along this city street, Save for the traffic and the trains, Would make a sound as thin and sweet As trees in country lanes.”                           —Edna St. Vincent Millay Trees provide us with many benefits, from the o…

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Maintenance building facade renovation, house reconstruction, repair
2024 May Façade Maintenance Laws

Did you know that March 23 is World Elevator Day? Now you do. (You’re welcome.) On that date way back in 1857, the first passenger elevator was installed in the E.V. Haughwout Building—an upscale, five-story department store in Manhattan’s …

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Maintenance Roof Replacement 101
2024 May Roof Replacement 101

Nothing lasts forever, not even your roof. While roofs have a relatively long life compared to other building systems and components, at some point they will need either partial or full replacement. Here are the facts and factors you and yo…

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Maintenance Roofing felt. Roofer working. Roofer working tool. Waterproofing
2024 Spring Waterproofing Your Building Envelope

With severe weather events becoming ever more common—and more intense—waterproofing your building’s envelope against rain, wind, snow, and ice is a growing concern. To counter the effects of climate change on buildings both old and new, our…

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Exterior Waterproofing flat roof with bitumen sealing membranes
Replacing Your Roof?

As we move toward spring and summer, major capital improvement projects become the focus for many co-op and condominium communities. One of the largest projects your community may undertake is a roof replacement. Whether a high-rise, mid-ri…

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Maintenance Corner glass window with glowing crowded city
2023 Fall Glass Façades

For many, glass façades are the epitome of contemporary urban architecture and design. Sleek, clean, modern—sometimes super-modern—a glass exterior gives the impression of an Emerald City of the future, rising above the bricks and mortar of…

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