How Does Your Board Measure Up? Take the Inventory and Find Out

Every condo building and HOA is different, and every association board is a unique blend of personalities. Two neighboring associations may take very different approaches to identical daily challenges, even if the issues facing them are essentially the same. New Jersey housing laws cover certain specific legal issues, but there's really no official handbook for boards to follow that covers the other stuff. The answers to questions like, "How personally engaged is your board with your association members?" for example, or "Does your board have a formal process for cultivating new board members?" are hard to quantify.

That difficulty, combined with the fact that there's usually more than one way to solve a given association-related problem, can sometimes make it tricky to accurately assess a board's performance. There are some good places to start, however—by filling out the inventory below and tallying your association board's score, you may get a better idea of how your board measures up when it comes to things like community relations, organization, leadership, and conflict management. You may identify some opportunities for improvement—using the inventory results might even put you on the path to a new and improved board of directors!

Using the Inventory

Following is a tried-and-true method:

Schedule a board meeting at which you can spend at least a couple of hours working on the inventory, or make it one part of a longer board retreat.

Distribute a copy of the inventory to each board member to fill our individually so everyone has the opportunity to express their opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of the board.


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  • This article doesn't include the INVENTORY constantly mentioned in it! Where is it? How do I go about "filling out the inventory below" ????