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Recreation The New Architectural Renderings
2016 May The New Architectural Renderings

In the past, when it came time to do a remodeling project, no one really ever had much of an idea as to how things would turn out. Architects and designers would come by with blueprints or swatches of color and fabric and ask you to just im…

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Recreation Designing Common Areas
2016 May Designing Common Areas

In the past, developers would throw a few chairs and tables into a large room and call it a 'common room' or a 'recreation space' and leave it at that. Today, however, there's more to designing, maintaining and upgrading a successful common…

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Recreation Incorporating Safety into Play Time
2016 May Incorporating Safety into Play Time

One universal truth on which we all can agree is that kids like to play. They love little more than getting together and having a bang-up good time. And in almost any cooperative, condominium or homeowners’ association, there is likely to b…

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Recreation Age Appropriateness
2015 May Age Appropriateness

When it comes to offering social programs and amenities, respective requests, needs, and preferences can run the gamut. For board members and managers, having programs in place that cater to collective populations—toddlers to octogenarians…

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Recreation Unique Amenities
2015 May Unique Amenities

The latest boom of luxury real estate development in New York City has sent seismic waves across the Hudson into New Jersey. Developers and boards are locking into an amenities arms race to keep up with competition on both sides of the riv…

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Recreation Spring in Your Step
2015 May Spring in Your Step

After the long, cold, unpleasant winter, denizens of the tri-state area want nothing more than to bask in the long-dormant sun. Co-op, condo and HOA boards cannot, however, in good faith ignore the legwork that follows a seasonal transitio…

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Recreation The Community’s Hub
2015 May The Community’s Hub

Co-ops, condos and HOAs draw prospective residents with a wide variety of appealing features, from proximity to an office or family member to amazing views, to the concept of having someone else mow the lawn, fix the roof, and maintain the…

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Recreation What’s Your Style?
2014 May What’s Your Style?

New Jersey is synonymous with many things, but iconic architecture isn't usually among them. To be sure, the state is full of historical landmarks, from the Jersey Shore to Princeton University, but there isn't the same kind of overall foc…

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Recreation Pets, Pools & Pilates
2014 May Pets, Pools & Pilates

Years ago, when you bought a co-op or condo apartment, you looked for a unit that had the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a perfectly-sized kitchen, and some great living space. For the longest time, that ideal combination was all …

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Recreation From Sand Lots to Play Dates
2014 May From Sand Lots to Play Dates

Sixty years ago, work and play were very different. A majority of women remained in the home, in both urban and suburban settings. The mostly male heads of households went off to work, and children went off to school and play. Since then, …

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