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2024 Winter Management Contracts

Along with competent, engaged leadership, good management is fundamental to the successful operation of any shared interest community—and the basis of good management is in large part spelled out in the contract between the community and it…

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2024 Winter The Cannabis Question

With cannabis use becoming increasingly normalized (as of 2023, 38 states permit medical marijuana use and 23 permit both medical and recreational consumption), co-op and condo administrators are faced with yet another quality-of-life issue…

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Management Work/Life Balance  for Managers
2024 Winter Work/Life Balance for Managers

The data is in: striking a balance between our personal and professional lives is a key component of happiness and general wellbeing. But how does one do that when one’s job is potentially a 24/7 situation? Take multifamily residential man…

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2023 Fall Conflict Management

Living in close quarters can—and often does—lead to conflict. In co-op, condo, and HOA communities, conflict can occur between residents, or between a resident and the board. And to complicate matters, a seemingly isolated conflict between …

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Management Property Manager Education & Training
2023 Summer Property Manager Education & Training

While nobody will deny the importance of formal education and training, talk to enough professionals across the property management industry, and you’re likely to hear that while school was definitely useful, the experience gained on the jo…

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Management Emergency preparedness instructions for safety: make a plan, build a kit and stay informed
2023 Expo Emergency Preparedness

They say you can always count on death and taxes, but there’s another not-so-pleasant inevitability that should probably be added to that old axiom: emergencies. And while some may be relatively minor—a fallen branch on an electrical wire, …

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2023 Expo Promoting Social Interaction in Your Community

Spring is in the air, and with New Jersey finally seeing warmer temperatures, people are heading outside for walks, sports, reading a good book, and maybe even some friendly interaction with their neighbors. And let’s face it, after a few y…

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Trends in Shared Community Management

Successive waves of transformation have swept across the property management industry over the last few years - and while many of these changes can be directly attributed to the pandemic, others seem to come from every direction. These wave…

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