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Management Property Manager Education & Training
2023 Summer Property Manager Education & Training

While nobody will deny the importance of formal education and training, talk to enough professionals across the property management industry, and you’re likely to hear that while school was definitely useful, the experience gained on the jo…

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Management Emergency preparedness instructions for safety: make a plan, build a kit and stay informed
2023 Expo Emergency Preparedness

They say you can always count on death and taxes, but there’s another not-so-pleasant inevitability that should probably be added to that old axiom: emergencies. And while some may be relatively minor—a fallen branch on an electrical wire, …

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Management People group toasting latte at coffee bar rooftop - Friends talking and having fun together at cappuccino restaurant - Life style concept with happy men and women at cafe terrace - Bright warm filter
2023 Expo Promoting Social Interaction in Your Community

Spring is in the air, and with New Jersey finally seeing warmer temperatures, people are heading outside for walks, sports, reading a good book, and maybe even some friendly interaction with their neighbors. And let’s face it, after a few y…

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Management Businessman moving hands of clock, meeting deadline. Team of tiny efficient business people working flat vector illustration. Time management concept for banner, website design or landing web page
Trends in Shared Community Management

Successive waves of transformation have swept across the property management industry over the last few years - and while many of these changes can be directly attributed to the pandemic, others seem to come from every direction. These wave…

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Management Man at hiring company smile for interview, with manager or boss to join team of workers. Young professional male in group of people, for job recruitment at business or office for growth in career.
2023 Winter Hiring Building Staff & Professionals

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child. It can take nearly that much to run a multifamily building as well, even a small one. Residential communities require the services of a wide array of employees and professionals, rang…

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Management Blue chip manager is unlocking a virtual locking mechanism to access shared cloud resources. Internet concept for identity & access management, cloud storage, cybersecurity and managed services.
Unified Property Access

Over the last few decades, property technology, or 'proptech' has completely transformed how we live and work. Historically, the real estate industry has been slow to embrace technology - which means many co-op and HOA boards are missing ou…

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Management Woman Asking Question At Neighborhood Meeting In Community Center
2022 Fall Continuing Education for Managers

While practical experience may be the best source of education for property managers, a little refresher in the classroom from time to time never hurts. Requirements for continuing property manager education vary from state to state, and ev…

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Management Business People Jigsaw Puzzle Collaboration Team Concept
2022 Fall The Self-Management Option

While many condominium associations and co-op corporations hire professional property managers or management firms to handle the routine (and not-so-routine) tasks involved in running a multifamily building or HOA, a significant number take…

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Management Group of six happy friends, boys and girls, holding big banner. Including Welcome title. Cartoon illustration for your design.
2022 Expo Orienting New Owners

First-time buyers in condo associations, co-ops, and other multifamily residential communities are often surprised—and a bit confused—by the way in which their new building or HOA operates. Whether they are coming from a rental background o…

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