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Q&A Electric bike, electro bicycle icon
2024 May Q&A: Eek, E-bikes!

Q. During the warmer months, owners in our multi-dwelling building have noticed a few e-bikes/scooters with lithium batteries around our community. At night these e-bikes/scooters seem to be housed in owners’ or renters’ dwellings. Since …

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2024 Spring Q&A: Census Consensus

Q. My HOA sends out an annual census questionnaire asking for a lot of personal data, stating that it “is requested once a year as a requirement by the State of New Jersey.” We live in an adult community and as such, had to document our a…

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Q&A Q&A: Dirty Water
2024 Winter Q&A: Dirty Water

Q. Residents of our 250-unit HOA in New Jersey have been complaining about dirty water for well over a year. First, the board and management told us it was an individual unit problem—then they replaced boilers, to no avail. We still had d…

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Q&A Employer shows phrase You are fired. Wrongful Dismissal concept.
2023 Fall Q&A: Super Defense

Q. Our super was hired six months ago. He’s a hard worker and all the tenants like him. But the president of the board fired him three days before his six-month probation period was up. The tenants requested a special meeting to find out …

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Q&A Q&A: Dried Out
2023 Fall Q&A: Dried Out

Q. My association has a long-standing resolution that requires all owners to have their dryer vents cleaned every other year, and to submit a receipt from the cleaning vendor to the management company. The resolution correctly identifies …

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Q&A Businessman points his finger at you high quality studio shot
2023 Summer Q&A: President Bully

Q. What can be done when the president of the condo association verbally harasses the building’s superintendent?                                         —Super Supporter A. “Board members of common interest communities can easily put …

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Q&A Red wooden cube with the up arrow among the cubes with down arrows.
2023 Summer Q&A: Conflict of Interest

Q. We have a member of the board of trustees of our co-op village who is a licensed realtor. Is he legally restricted from listing or selling units that are owned by the village, due to a conflict of interest? Also, is a board legally res…

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Q&A Q&A: Privy to Policies
2023 Expo Q&A: Privy to Policies

Q. Our board has too often used confidentiality as a reason for making decisions and not informing the residents as to why. The latest was regarding our HOA insurance policy. Are HOA insurance policies confidential documents? If so, can…

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Q&A image of dog dark background
2023 Expo Q&A: To Fee or Not to Fee?

Q. I’m a board member of my condo association here in New Jersey. All of our board members subscribe to your paper and always find it helpful. We are going to institute a pet registration form for dogs and cats and were thinking of asses…

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Q&A Voting Concept With Ballot Box And Human Hand Holding Voting Paper
2023 Spring Q&A: Campaigning for Board Re-election

Q. Can a current board member advertise his re-election, or go around knocking on each door and telling owners who to vote for? Is this legal?       —Wondering If This Is Appropriate A. “Yes and yes,” says Jonathan H. Katz, a partner …

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