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Q&A Q&A: Adding Insult to Injury
2022 Summer Q&A: Adding Insult to Injury

Q. Hi. I tore a tendon when I bumped into a crease in the lobby carpet of my condo building. As a result I will have to wear a brace for the rest of my life. My question if it’s acceptable morally for me to ask the condominium association…

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Q&A Q&A: A Tree Grows in Bergen
2022 Summer Q&A: A Tree Grows in Bergen

Q. I live in a condo complex, in a townhouse. A large tree was removed last summer because it supposedly posed a threat to my home. However, the roots were left and have destroyed the foundation and concrete of my patio. I was advised thi…

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Q&A Dishwasher flat line icon. Household appliance for washing utensil, dishware. Outline sign for mobile concept and web design, store.
2022 Expo Q&A: Delinquent Dishwasher?

Q.  Our association is self-managed with 12 units. An owner installed a dishwasher without any written request or approval from the board. The board told her that we believed this was a violation, since all 12 units share one water tank an…

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Q&A Pensive man standing and making business decision isolated flat vector illustration. Cartoon businessman choosing work strategy for success. Questions dilemma and options confusion concept. Solution
2022 Expo Q&A: ADR vs. CC&Rs

Q. ​​Does binding alternative dispute resolution (ADR) override condo governing docs? If the ADR changes the shared common ground expenses, do the members of the association have to vote on the changes? Do the condo docs have to be change…

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Q&A Conflict of Interest text written on blackboard with chalk. Concept for mediation, resolving conflict, dispute.
2022 Spring Q&A: Board Limits

Q. We have a member of the board of trustees of our co-op village who is a licensed realtor. Is he legally restricted from listing or selling units that are owned by the village, due to a conflict of interest? Also, is a board legally res…

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Q&A picture of a cute little golden labrador retriever puppypicture of a cute little golden labrador retriever puppy
2022 Spring Q&A: Puppies Grow Up, Too

Q. When I bought my house five years ago, I signed the HOA documents which forbade dogs over 50 pounds. Unfortunately, we forgot what we had signed. Since my son started online school and the pandemic began, the new reality was very hard …

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Q&A Broken modern doorknob closeup with signs of forced entry, criminal activity and door slightly open.
2022 Winter Q&A: Ardor Over Our Door

Q. I live in an association in Princeton. I have to have my front door lock replaced, and they are telling me once it’s replaced, I will get a bill for it. How can this be fair? I don’t own the door and can’t take the lock with me when I …

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Q&A Head of white and black halves. Psychology, bipolar disorder, emotion, duality, ambivalence and personality concept. Flat design. EPS 8 vector illustration, no transparency, no gradients
2022 Winter Q&A: Double Boarding

Q. Can a board member who has served on one board for many years serve on another board that is in the same HOA association? I don’t want to cause a problem with this member, but it does mean they would be casting votes on two association…

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Q&A Stop harassment
2022 Winter Q&A: Handling Harassment

Q. What can be done when the president of the condo association verbally harasses the building’s superintendent?                                     —Super Supporter A. “Board members of common interest communities can easily put the …

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Q&A Q&A: Autumn Pool Time
2021 October Q&A: Autumn Pool Time

Q. Does the law state that all apartment pools must close on Labor Day weekend, or is it just a guide? Can the tenants use the area around the pool for BBQs, etc., or are there legal restrictions?              —Not Wanting Summer to End …

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