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2024 Spring Effective Committees

In a typical co-op, condo, or homeowners association, residents have a lot to say about how their building or community is or should be functioning … but few actually step up to run for and serve on the board that does the actual governing.…

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Community Building Hackettstown, New Jersey
2014 July Hackettstown, New Jersey

Hackettstown, New Jersey is one of a kind, literally. In fact, it is one of the few towns in the United States that has no duplicate in name, meaning there is no other Hackettstown. Before its incorporation in 1853 it formed a part o…

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Community Building Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
2008 May Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Although the position generally offers zero compensation aside from the satisfaction of a job well done, association board members are still in charge of running a business—a business with revenues, expenses, and assets that, depending on t…

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Community Building Fractional Ownership is on the Rise
2008 May Fractional Ownership is on the Rise

Although it is something that is relatively new in the state of New Jersey, a new trend that is occurring within condo and townhouse communities (as well as popular vacation-area resorts) around the country is fractional ownership, where…

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Community Building Building Community Within HOAs
2007 May Building Community Within HOAs

One irony of modern life is that being in close proximity to your neighbors doesn't necessarily make you closer to your neighbors. At best, people might know just a handful of neighbors in their community. Many of us lead hectic lives, a…

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Community Building Smart Amenity Management
2007 May Smart Amenity Management

In many New Jersey homeowners associations and condos, amenities are an integral part of a community, offering improved quality of life, recreational enjoyment and convenience. Popular amenities such as clubhouses or pools can create a s…

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