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Lithium-Ion Batteries

Anyone watching the news lately knows that rechargeable lithium-ion batteries - the kind that power e-bikes and scooters, but also electric cars, laptop computers, cell phones, vape pens, and many other common devices - have become a real d…

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Security Examining Safety in Multifamily Properties
2020 Winter Examining Safety in Multifamily Properties

A lot can be said about 2020, but this was certainly a year that forced people around the world to reexamine our processes and protocols around health, safety, and security—not just personally, but collectively, especially in our homes and …

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Security Fire Safety Plans
Fire Safety Plans

When a crisis hits a multifamily community—or any other organization—the difference between a good outcome and a disastrous one is often a matter of simple preparedness. Residential communities in particular need to have a plan in case of a…

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Security Census 2020
2020 April Census 2020

This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Census takers will not be able to visit neighborhoods door-to-door to request survey responses as they did during previous counts. Instead, Census responses are now being requested online through …

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Security Vulnerable Residents
2016 December Vulnerable Residents

Whether we’re talking day-to-day safety or emergency planning, most multifamily buildings and HOAs have something on the books to address both standard operating procedures and things like alerts and evacuations. And that’s great if you’re …

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Security Introducing New Security Tech in Your Building
2019 Winter Introducing New Security Tech in Your Building

In today’s world of high-tech property management and building security, there are more options than ever for managers and boards to choose from to keep their communities on the cutting edge. There are web- and device-based apps for everyth…

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Security Hygiene in Shared Amenities
2018 December Hygiene in Shared Amenities

One of the biggest perks of modern multifamily living is the all-inclusive, amenity-rich building or HOA. Depending on your own building’s offerings, you can go to the gym, swim, have a spa treatment, entertain your kids in the community pl…

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Security Preparing Your Community for Emergencies
2018 December Preparing Your Community for Emergencies

Planning for a rainy day is pretty easy. Have an extra umbrella handy or a waterproof coat, and you’re probably fine. Planning for the rainiest day ever, on the other hand, is significantly more daunting. Especially if during that day there…

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Security Harassment Issues
2018 December Harassment Issues

People feel ‘harassed’ all the time – by crowded trains, loud noises, and even the weather. Co-op and condo residents often feel that their board, or even a neighbor, is ‘harassing’ them. But what qualifies as harassment in the legal sense?…

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Security Maintaining Security in Your Association
2018 December Maintaining Security in Your Association

Whether it be a detached single-family house, or one unit among hundreds in a high-rise condominium, a home should be a safe haven: a place where you can seek refuge from the elements and all the other risks and cautions of the world. Given…

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