2019 July
Focus on... Maintenance Charge Increases

Maintenance Maintenance Charge Increases
2019 July Maintenance Charge Increases

There are few things upon which most people agree, but a general dislike for paying more today for something that cost less yesterday is pretty universal. This goes for taxes, consumer goods, healthcare, and of course for monthly maintenanc…

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Board Operations Conducting Better Meetings
2019 July Conducting Better Meetings

Residents in condo, co-op  and HOA communities are frequently quite busy. Boards consist of elected volunteers who nearly always have other jobs and lives. So while a professional management company can relieve much of the day-to-day operat…

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Maintenance Hygiene in Shared Amenities
2019 July Hygiene in Shared Amenities

One of the biggest perks of modern multifamily living is the all-inclusive, amenity-rich building or HOA. Depending on your own building’s offerings, you can go to the gym, swim, have a spa treatment, entertain your kids in the community pl…

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Design Design by Committee
2019 July Design by Committee

Every member of a community association has a vested interest in the appearance of his or her property, both inside and out. Residents see the inside of their building every day, so it matters that it’s visually appealing. Equally important…

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Real Estate Trends The Latest in Green Design
2019 July The Latest in Green Design

Even before Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) introduced the Green New Deal resolution to Congress on February 7, the impending consequences of climate change and global warming has been a hot topic (no pun intended). While some may cove…

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Real Estate Trends Condos, Co-ops and Kids
2019 July Condos, Co-ops and Kids

While children are most certainly the future, in the present they can often be a bit of a handful. In buildings and associations where residents live in close quarters, it’s inevitable that unit owners without kids will cross paths with the…

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Real Estate Trends The Cooperator Expo New Jersey
2019 July The Cooperator Expo New Jersey

Springtime brings balmy weather, new leaves and buds on trees...and crowds of managers, board members, condo and HOA residents, building owners, and multifamily service providers of all stripes to The Cooperator Expo New Jersey! The  larges…

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Q&A Q&A: Splitting the Association Into Two
2019 July Q&A: Splitting the Association Into Two

Q. What would it entail to separate two buildings that make up one condo association into two separate condo associations? There are strong differences within our board on how to run the association, and there is a less than zero chance o…

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Q&A Q&A: Flip-Flopping Board Member
2019 July Q&A: Flip-Flopping Board Member

Q. I am a director on the board of our condo association. We had a budget meeting last night, and the new budget with increased monthly dues was passed by 4 ‘yes’ votes and 3 ‘no’ votes. The meeting was adjourned and meeting minutes were …

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