2007 Dec
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security What to Keep in Mind
2007 Dec What to Keep in Mind

One of the most important things for an urban or suburban dweller to know about his or her condo, co-op or HOA is often the one thing that everyone forgets about—that is, what to do in the event of an emergency. While it's true that the …

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Security Fire Safety for Your Building's Employees
2007 Dec Fire Safety for Your Building's Employees

The fires this past October in southern California were a sharp reminder of the power and ferocity of this deadly element. Fire can spread quickly and without warning, often catching the people near it off-guard and vulnerable. Sometimes…

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Security Caring for At-Risk Residents
2007 Dec Caring for At-Risk Residents

New Jersey and New York are famous (perhaps infamous) for their residents' philosophy of minding their own business—dress as a giant chicken, sport a revolutionary haircut…nobody minds. This attitude is great if you're a young person exp…

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Security Dealing with Fires in Multifamily Buildings
2007 Dec Dealing with Fires in Multifamily Buildings

It's a four-letter word that no one ever wants to hear—fire! High-rise and apartment-building fires are, mercifully, a rare occurrence, but they do happen and they can be a real-life nightmare, similar to what's depicted in the 1970s-era…

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Security Big Brother is Watching
2007 Dec Big Brother is Watching

If security and privacy are two seats on a seesaw, the balance, in the last fifty years or so, has shifted towards the former. Federal mandates intended to keep citizens safe—seat belt requirements, gun control laws, smoking prohibitions…

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Security The Latest in Energy-Efficient Heating Products
2007 Dec The Latest in Energy-Efficient Heating Products

With the colder months upon us, staying warm is certainly a top priority for New Jersey's co-op and condo boards and homeowner associations. Operating their properties efficiently will not only ensure that shareholders and owners stay wa…

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Q&A Q&A: Raised Maintenance, No Results
2007 Dec Q&A: Raised Maintenance, No Results

Q We are having a few issues with our condo board and the management company. Since the new management company has been “in power” (about three years) the maintenance payments have been raised more than 20 percent in (two raises). The p…

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Q&A Q&A: Unnecessary Rule?
2007 Dec Q&A: Unnecessary Rule?

Q Our condo has prohibited the use of doormats. They say they are a hazard. Is this legal? How can we fight this nit-picking rule? —Tracking Dirt in New Construction A “The New Jersey Condominium Act grants the govern…

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Q&A Q&A: Parking Waiting List Issues
2007 Dec Q&A: Parking Waiting List Issues

Q What does New Jersey state law say about any requirements that a company that leases a garage from a condo play fair with a waiting list? And must such lists be published for unit owners to see? Our garage has a highly suspect …

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Q&A Q&A: Apathetic Board
2007 Dec Q&A: Apathetic Board

Q I just attended our yearly condo meeting. The minutes were not read and there was no election of officers. The board claimed that they don’t have to have elections—only every two or three years. Issues that we have had over the last ye…

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