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Organizations Behind Buckley Management
2006 Mar Behind Buckley Management

In the business of property management, reputation is everything. One manager with a reputation for knowing the business is Jim Buckley. As the founder and owner of Cliffside Park-based Buckley Management, this one-time boarding house ow…

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Organizations A Look Inside Wilkin Managment Group
2006 Feb A Look Inside Wilkin Managment Group

What separates one property management company from another? How would you go about choosing a management company? What are the most important characteristics of a company that will be responsible for the maintenance of your association?…

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Organizations A Look Inside Arthur Edwards Inc.
2005 Dec A Look Inside Arthur Edwards Inc.

On the homepage of River Vale-based management company Arthur Edwards, Inc., a picture of a little boy in an oversized cowboy hat is placed above the question, "What can a cowboy hat teach us about Professional Management Relationships?"…

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Organizations The Red Cross of New Jersey
2005 Dec The Red Cross of New Jersey

Whenever an unexpected crisis arises, be it a severe winter storm, a fire, or a national emergency like 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina, there's one constant—one symbol that people associate with beginning the struggle back to normalcy. That s…

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Organizations A Look at IREM's Educational Programs
2005 Oct A Look at IREM's Educational Programs

Where do property managers learn their stuff? They're not born knowing how to broker peace between feuding neighbors or who to call when the storm gutters are flooded, so they must learn their trade from other experts. There are a number…

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Organizations Wentworth Property Management
2005 Oct Wentworth Property Management

In an age when over-analysis seems to be the rule rather than the exception, The Wentworth Management Group has made it a point to keep things simple. Their goal? To do whatever it takes to keep their clients satisfied. That simple phi…

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Organizations A Look at Access Management
2005 Sep A Look at Access Management

Sixteen years ago, Wayde Scheffer was a vice-president with United National Bank in Califon, New Jersey. He was also president of his condo association board, and he wasn't particularly impressed with the parade of management companies t…

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Organizations Passing Inspection
2005 Jul Passing Inspection

It's a long-held truism that, when considering any major purchase, it's up to the consumer to be informed—to do his or her homework before signing on the dotted line. The phrase caveat emptor loosely translates to "Buyer Beware," and whi…

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Organizations New Jersey's DCA
2005 Jun New Jersey's DCA

One of the largest and most well connected branches of New Jersey's state government is also perhaps one of the least recognized. Based in Trenton, the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA), is made up of a host of individual …

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