Wentworth Property Management An Industry Giant Stays Ahead of the Game

In an age when over-analysis seems to be the rule rather than the exception, The Wentworth Management Group has made it a point to keep things simple. Their goal? To do whatever it takes to keep their clients satisfied.

That simple philosophy starts with the more than 500 employees who keep the East Coast's largest management firm moving. "If our staff is happy, that's going to roll out to our clients," says Michael Mendillo, Wentworth's president. "We always tell staff, don't walk behind us because we tell you to, walk alongside us because you want to. As big a company as we are and as much structure as we have, this is a fun place. That kind of attitude helps build relationships."

To create that environment, the company focuses significant energy on staff education, diversifying each employee's base of knowledge—from top executives to the administrative staff on the front lines each day.

With properties in New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware, having a company-wide philosophy of customer-satisfaction is key. "We focus on relationship building," Mendillo says. "In the service business, if you have a strong relationship with a client, they are more willing to work with you and let you help them solve problems."

How it All Works

Founded in 1985, Wentworth Property Management is part of The Wentworth Group, which also includes Worthmore Construction and Maintenance, Armstrong Management Services, Inc., Arco Wentworth Management Corp., and Cooper Square Realty. In 1997, Wentworth joined forces with Toronto's FirstService Corporation of Toronto, giving them access to a number of property and business outsourcing services for North American customers. Today, the company manages more than 55 residential properties, with more than 150,000 units spread out from Washington D.C. to New Jersey and New York.


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  • Mr. Meddillo goals sound great for the coming years but what is he going to do for us (shareholders) NOW surprise visit us when you have the time 2271 knapp st. brooklyn ny and wake up you staff in the brooklyn office they need it.thank you shareholders of 2271 knapp st.
  • P Cohen Bd. pres. Woodcliff Gardens, N Bergen NJ on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 3:27 PM
    Well it seems the author of this short fantasy didn't speak to share holders of the properties this company manages? Nor did the president of Wentworth Michael this the same Wentworth as Frist Services Management? If it is...there are a few people a sleep at the switch here?