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Energy Conservation Getting Ready for the Cold
2009 Sept Getting Ready for the Cold

 Good property managers need to be one step ahead of the game, and September is  no time to be caught flat-footed. The once-packed swimming pool is now  virtually empty, and the kids who filled it weeks ago are now lugging school  backpack…

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Energy Conservation Alternative Energy Sources
2008 Sept Alternative Energy Sources

A couple years ago, River Run Condominiums in Northampton, Massachusetts decided it was time for a change—they wanted to be green. It wasn’t a paint job they needed, but an environmental transformation—an investment that would help defra…

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Energy Conservation Without Breaking the Bank
2008 Sept Without Breaking the Bank

Whether the goal is to save the planet or just a few bucks, making and maintaining a green home is becoming a priority for more and more people. And while many are quick to point fingers at gas-guzzling automobiles as the main culprits…

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Energy Conservation The Art or Green Persuasion
2008 Sept The Art or Green Persuasion

It's change on a global scale. Throughout the world and throughout the United States, people are changing the way they think about the environment and how their way of life impacts the planet. With rising energy costs and increasing stra…

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Energy Conservation A Look at Cost-Saving Strategies
2008 Sept A Look at Cost-Saving Strategies

It's on the front page of major newspapers almost daily; it’s often the lead story on nightly newscasts; everyone you know is complaining about it. It’s no secret that the price of oil is reaching sky-high numbers and there doesn’t seem to …

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Energy Conservation The Way for HOAs to Go Green
2007 Sept The Way for HOAs to Go Green

There is little doubt that what started as a green building trend, with all of its energy efficiency measures and renewable energy options, has evolved into a rational way to add value to your property. In fact a recent Roper survey show…

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