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Energy Conservation Getting the Lead Out
2016 September Getting the Lead Out

While Flint, Michigan may have been the highest profile case of water being contaminated with lead in recent years, lead is an issue that water systems across the country have to navigate and monitor closely. Earlier in the year, there wer…

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Energy Conservation The Green Market
2016 September The Green Market

Sustainability is the watchword these days. All over the country, businesses and residences are being encouraged to go green, and condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners’ associations are no exception.  But not all condos/co-ops/HOAs are…

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Energy Conservation Loud & Clear
2015 October Loud & Clear

It's a truism that's been phrased many ways by many wise people: “A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” That's the case in any number of situations, but it's especially applicable to the administration …

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Energy Conservation A Green New World
2015 September A Green New World

These days, as the summers get hotter, the storms get bigger and climate change is finding its way into more headlines than ever before, more attention is being paid to the environment and how the average citizen can do his or her part to s…

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Energy Conservation Power-Up!
2015 September Power-Up!

The process of producing energy to metropolitan condos and co-ops has dramatically evolved in recent years. It's advanced to the point in which Lewis Kwit, the president of Energy Investment Systems in New York City, makes a relatively accu…

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Energy Conservation Don’t Trash This
2015 September Don’t Trash This

In days gone by, when you opened something up, you simply threw away the packaging. You ate your dinner and threw away the scraps, and you tossed your ratty old sweatshirt, t-shirt or jeans in the dumpster when they had more holes in them t…

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Energy Conservation The Green Movement
2015 September The Green Movement

Americans today are moving toward a more well-developed awareness of their environment, and what it takes to protect and preserve earth’s natural resources. City dwellers and suburbanites alike typically recycle paper, plastic, and glass st…

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Energy Conservation The Recycling Cycle
2014 September The Recycling Cycle

New Jersey is trashy. Literally. Every day residents of the Garden State produce hundreds of tons of trash. Whether its’ paper plates, cups, napkins or E-waste such as discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment systems…

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