2016 January
Focus on... Management

Real Estate Trends The Cooperator Expo
2016 January The Cooperator Expo

We know that running a co-op, condo or HOA isn’t easy. There are vendors to hire, budgets to balance and complaints to field. How do you find the right professional for each job that needs to be done? How do you keep the property looking sh…

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Management What Size Management Company?
2016 January What Size Management Company?

We live in a world of add-ons. Ever since the term supersize was coined by the fast food industry back in 1994, the idea and its implications have spread to many aspects of the American lifestyle. We've become accustomed to 'value-added ele…

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Management How to Evaluate Your Property Manager
2016 January How to Evaluate Your Property Manager

Whether you're an executive of a multinational corporation or a cashier at the local supermarket, you probably receive a performance evaluation that assesses how well you're doing your job. Many property management companies may also do reg…

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Management Improving Meeting Effectiveness
2016 January Improving Meeting Effectiveness

Maybe it was a bad day at work, the dog had an accident on the carpet or a disgruntled call was received from the school principal; whatever the reason, there are times when the last thing a condo board member or resident wants to do is att…

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Management Open Lines
2016 January Open Lines

No one likes to feel left out or ignored. Sometimes that is how co-op and condo residents may feel if they believe their board or managers are not responding to their requests for information or sharing enough up front. What they may not re…

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Management Problematic Residents
2016 January Problematic Residents

The vast majority of co-op and condo residents are decent folks who wouldn’t dream of disrupting life in their buildings by being verbally abusive to neighbors, by blowing up board members’ phones and email inboxes with endless complaints a…

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Management Going it Alone
2016 January Going it Alone

While the majority of Garden State condo communities and HOAs choose to partner with professional management firms to provide guidance and counseling and oversee day-to-day operations, other boards take the reins themselves and choose self-…

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Q&A Q&A: Adults Only Pool Legal?
2016 January Q&A: Adults Only Pool Legal?

Q. My client with children lives next to the neighborhood pool, access to which inspired them to purchase their home in the first place. Their association has been turned over to the homeowners and a new rule has just been circulated that…

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Q&A Q&A: Contractor Liability
2016 January Q&A: Contractor Liability

Q. I am looking for information regarding service contractors (i.e.: cable, TV, phone) needing to set up a prior appointment to access equipment that is installed on owners’ terraces. Does the unit owner have to be at home to let the work…

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