2009 May
Focus on... Recreational Amenities/Expo

Recreation Fighting Sprawl with Smart Growth
2009 May Fighting Sprawl with Smart Growth

While more space, cleaner air, and a more relaxed lifestyle may be upsides to suburban living, the ‘burbs are also often synonymous with sprawl—mile after mile of strip-malls, big-box stores, identical office parks, chain restaurants, a…

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Recreation Keeping Cool, Keeping Safe
2009 May Keeping Cool, Keeping Safe

Few amenities are as valued and beloved by residents as a private homeowners association’s swimming pool. But pools probably represent the single biggest insurance liability and maintenance expense for associations that have them. …

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Recreation Making Programming a Priority
2009 May Making Programming a Priority

The ferocity of the current recession has touched nearly every aspect of life, from fears about job loss to concerns about health care to homeowners’ worries about foreclosure. With shrinking budgets and worrisome bottom lines, condo co…

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Recreation Condition Assessments are Critical for Safety
2009 May Condition Assessments are Critical for Safety

We have all read the headlines of tragic deck collapses over the years. The causes of these tragedies are typically either from inferior design, construction or even more worrying, from failures due to age and wear that went unnoticed.…

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Recreation Keeping Up Appearances
2009 May Keeping Up Appearances

Outdoor amenities like tennis courts, golf courses, playgrounds and pools are valuable assets for any HOA, but they require a significant commitment when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. With summer on the way, the weather is warming…

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Management Hiring and Keeping a Good Superintendent
2009 May Hiring and Keeping a Good Superintendent

When you think about the most important person to a building or association, the superintendent should rank pretty high up on the list, if not right at the top. Let’s face it, an association or building’s super has a tremendous amount o…

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Recreation A Resort town Fit for Presidents
2009 May A Resort town Fit for Presidents

 Long Branch, New Jersey is rapidly transforming itself as more than just a  resort community for the rich and famous. Named as home to one of America’s Top 20 beaches, the oceanfront here has been a draw for many years, reaching  back to …

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Recreation Don't Delay Maintenance
2009 May Don't Delay Maintenance

We all know that parking lots, roads and driveways take a beating day in and day out. Some hazards, like cracked sidewalks, crumbling masonry, and potholes are obvious to even an untrained eye, making it easy to conduct repairs and prev…

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Q&A Q&A: When Unit Owners Fail to Pay
2009 May Q&A: When Unit Owners Fail to Pay

Q “Our 200-unit condo association has seven delinquencies. Six of these cases have been delinquent for over a year. Liens are in place, and all are in the hands of our attorney for collection. Most are mortgaged past fair market value…

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Q&A Q&A: Shareholders' Right to Choose Management Company
2009 May Q&A: Shareholders' Right to Choose Management Company

Q “Do co-op shareholders have any rights when it comes to the selection of a  management company for their building? And if they can’t directly choose which company will manage their co-op, can they attend the  interviews with the potenti…

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