2008 Feb
Focus on... Board/Owner Relations

Owner Relations Rules of the House
2008 Feb Rules of the House

Every condo and co-op community has rules and regulations by which residents and their guests must abide. For the most part, these rules are pretty straightforward: no smoking in common areas, no pets, no skateboarding in the courtyard, …

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Owner Relations Privilege...or Pain in the Neck?
2008 Feb Privilege...or Pain in the Neck?

Thousands upon thousands of people in New Jersey live in condos, HOAs or co-op buildings. Although it naturally varies from one development to another, many, possibly the majority, of association members pay very little if any attention …

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Owner Relations Following Ancient Rules?
2008 Feb Following Ancient Rules?

When considering rules and regulations for their community, board members must decide what is necessary versus what could be burdensome for their building's residents. Times change, as do community mores, population demographics, and ind…

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Owner Relations Stop, Drop and Breathe
2008 Feb Stop, Drop and Breathe

Whether it's demanding residents or unreasonable board members, maintenance headaches or a barely-under-control work schedule, a property manager is in a unique—and uniquely stressful—position. No one knows this better than the property …

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Owner Relations Rolling Out the Welcome Wagon
2008 Feb Rolling Out the Welcome Wagon

Active, involved and concerned residents are essential to creating a strong community in any homeowners association. Even if you already have an enthusiastically involved resident population, don't overlook the importance of properly wel…

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Owner Relations Dealing with Delinquencies in HOAs
2008 Feb Dealing with Delinquencies in HOAs

Most professionals in both the property management and bill-collection business agree: serious payment arrears don't happen all that often in HOAs, but when they do, it isn't pretty. Unpaid fees are more than just a hassle; they're a tim…

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Owner Relations Prevent Problems Before they Start
2008 Feb Prevent Problems Before they Start

Maria and her husband Jim own a suburban condo, but are moving out of the area because of Jim's new job. The couple love their home however, and are hoping one day that they will relocate back to the area. Alex loves his two-bedroom urba…

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