Rolling Out the Welcome Wagon Welcoming New Owners

Active, involved and concerned residents are essential to creating a strong community in any homeowners association. Even if you already have an enthusiastically involved resident population, don't overlook the importance of properly welcoming new residents and shareholders into your building or community.

Getting and keeping everyone involved is, or course, an ongoing process. Rolling out the welcome wagon not only extends a friendly reception to newcomers, but it also helps encourage them to become involved from the get-go. And at the very least, a thorough welcome packet will help new residents become familiar with the ins and outs of your community rules and regulations.

The Typical Welcome

For many new residents, becoming acclimated to the rules and regulations of a new community might seem like an afterthought after an already-stressful move. Whether you have a welcome committee, a package that's sent out to new residents or another procedure in place is largely dependent upon the type of community in which you live.

In many cases, associations will—at the very least—send new residents a welcome packet.

"In my view, it's really the management that takes an active role in setting up procedures in welcoming new residents," says Susan Cupo of Crest Management in Clifton. "The board is comprised of volunteers; they don't always have the time to orchestrate events, and are not tied into who is coming in or going out."


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