2005 Jul
Focus on... Budget&Finance

Finance Money-Making Opportunities for HOAs
2005 Jul Money-Making Opportunities for HOAs

It's a profound story of how reserve funds can go seriously awry—within months of buying an apartment in a new New York City building, David and all his new neighbors were informed that they would have to contribute out-of-pocket to help…

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Finance Transfer Fees or Resale Contributions
2005 Jul Transfer Fees or Resale Contributions

In New York City, many co-ops and condos use a practice called a "flip tax" in order to boost building revenue. A flip tax is a fee paid either by the purchaser or seller that goes back to the co-op or condo each time an apartment is sol…

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Finance New Jersey's Property Tax Reform Process
2005 Jul New Jersey's Property Tax Reform Process

Most homeowners love complaining about their property tax bills almost as much as they despise paying them. The issue is always on the minds of New Jersey's homeowners, and has been for some time. New Jersey has been studying property …

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Finance Making the Case for Reserve Studies
2005 Jul Making the Case for Reserve Studies

In the archives of sound financial advice, saving for a rainy day is a titan, right up there with never bet your last dollar on a horse race, or any other sage old saying. For the good health of any organization, having enough cash in re…

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Finance Cutting Budget Waste
2005 Jul Cutting Budget Waste

In any business, much of the decision-making process is based on the bottom line—is there more money coming in or going out? How do this year's profits compare with last year's? Are we getting the best deals from suppliers and vendors? …

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Board Operations The Role of Your HOA Accountant
2005 Jul The Role of Your HOA Accountant

David Allen Stockman, former director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, may have had the federal budget in mind when he said that, "None of us really understands what's going on with all of these numbers." But he might just as…

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Neighborhoods A Look at Paterson
2005 Jul A Look at Paterson

It's a point of pride for many Northern New Jerseyans that their part of the state was home to some of the most compelling chapters in American history, industry, and social change. Of the many small cities with a deep connection to that…

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Organizations Passing Inspection
2005 Jul Passing Inspection

It's a long-held truism that, when considering any major purchase, it's up to the consumer to be informed—to do his or her homework before signing on the dotted line. The phrase caveat emptor loosely translates to "Buyer Beware," and whi…

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