2004 Aug
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Insurance The Value of Directors and Officers Insurance
2004 Aug The Value of Directors and Officers Insurance

Imagine you sit on a board of directors that makes a mistake or error in judgment that results in a lawsuit. Imagine the case goes to trial, and the judge awards the plaintiff hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Now imagine that…

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Insurance General Contractors and Insurance
2004 Aug General Contractors and Insurance

Imagine that your condominium association calls in a general contractor to do some renovation work on one of the buildings in your development. Or one of the unit owners calls in a contractor of his own to do some work on his kitchen or …

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Insurance The Ins and Outs of HOA Policies
2004 Aug The Ins and Outs of HOA Policies

Unless you are in the business, understanding insurance can seem complicated—but for association boards, management companies, shareholders, and unit owners, it's important that everyone is aware of the insurance that is needed and provi…

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Insurance Understanding Risk Purchasing Groups
2004 Aug Understanding Risk Purchasing Groups

In today's uncertain world, insurance costs can pose a hefty burden for homeowner's associations and co-op and condo boards trying to keep budgets balanced and costs lows. One potential solution to that burden may be a risk purchasing gr…

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Board Operations Architecture and Design Committees
2004 Aug Architecture and Design Committees

Part and parcel of living in a managed community or homeowners association is abiding by certain guidelines regulating what one can or cannot do to the exterior of their property. Nearly all HOAs have rules and regulations regarding neig…

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Board Operations The Value of Loss Assessment Coverage
2004 Aug The Value of Loss Assessment Coverage

I just attended my monthly association meeting where our board advised our members that our homeowners association had just been hit with a $1,500,000 judgment resulting from a skateboarding accident in our association-owned parking lot.…

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Maintenance A Look Inside Your Air Conditioning System
2004 Aug A Look Inside Your Air Conditioning System

Summer's here, and most of us couldn't get along without air conditioning, especially when the temperatures reach into the steamy 80s and 90s. Many people know the minimum about their air conditioning systems—if anything goes wrong, they…

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