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Recreation Aging in Place in One's Home
2008 May Aging in Place in One's Home

Many of us, whether we like to admit it or not, have certain images or ideas pop into our heads when we hear the term “senior citizen.” Some are quaint—slow-motion shuffleboard tournaments, for example, or spirited rounds of Bingo. Other…

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Recreation Changing Your Community for the Better
2008 May Changing Your Community for the Better

All parents crave space for their kids, a place for them to play and romp and run. That’s why more and more families are intent on finding condo communities that offer something for the whole family, from playgrounds to swimming pools to…

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Recreation Attend the Premier New Jersey Expo
2008 May Attend the Premier New Jersey Expo

For most people, after a long winter, warm weather cannot come soon enough. But, if you are a trustee in a community association or a property manager, spring means more than barbecues and patio furniture—it means tough decisions and exp…

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Recreation Fractional Ownership is on the Rise
2008 May Fractional Ownership is on the Rise

Although it is something that is relatively new in the state of New Jersey, a new trend that is occurring within condo and townhouse communities (as well as popular vacation-area resorts) around the country is fractional ownership, where…

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Recreation Life in the XBox Age
2008 May Life in the XBox Age

It seems that the residents of one large New Jersey HOA don’t want to come out and play. The association’s management cancelled their scheduled Easter egg hunt this past March because only a handful of their 700-plus families wanted to p…

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Recreation Managing for Recreation
2007 May Managing for Recreation

Every community has certain amenities or assets that residents value highly. In some communities, those features are extra parking areas, bike paths or "tot lots." In others, golf courses and restaurants are the way communities identify …

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Recreation The National Recreation and Park Association
2007 May The National Recreation and Park Association

The modest mission of the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)—"To advance parks, recreation and environmental conservation efforts that enhance the quality of life for all people"—"belies the complexity of the organization itsel…

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Recreation Building Community Within HOAs
2007 May Building Community Within HOAs

One irony of modern life is that being in close proximity to your neighbors doesn't necessarily make you closer to your neighbors. At best, people might know just a handful of neighbors in their community. Many of us lead hectic lives, a…

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Recreation Next-Generation Playground Equipment
2007 May Next-Generation Playground Equipment

Back when most of us were little kids, playground equipment largely consisted of a swing-set here, some teeter-totters there, a merry-go-round, a metal slide (which was often scorching hot—and unusable—in the summer sun), some monkey bars, …

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