Managing HOA Swimming Pools In the Swim

With summer fast approaching, no other amenity in a residential community is enjoyed more than the community swimming pool. From the community's perspective, a swimming pool can add to the value of the residences and attract prospective buyers. It's also seen as an amenity that can bring the residents of a community together; a gathering place where people can meet, relax, and socialize.

However, managing and maintaining a community swimming pool is a major investment in time, energy and money. In order for a community swimming pool to be safe, successful, and enjoyable, its management must address many issues including liability, usage regulations and maintenance. Proper management is the key to retaining a pool's value—but it's a big job.

Running Water

Community property managers play a key role in the day-to-day management and operation of the swimming pool. Their responsibilities range from obtaining the proper permits and licenses to training the staff on the pool rules and regulations.

"As the community manager, I am responsible for obtaining permits to operate and open the pool," says Rochelle Caruso, community manager at Society Hill at Kilmer Woods Village II in Mahwah. "I make sure our licenses with the Town of Mahwah and the Board of Health are up to date. I also make certain our yearly electrical inspection goes smoothly."

"The community manager is also responsible for contracting the pool vendor who will provide the ongoing maintenance as well as trained lifeguards," Caruso continues.


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  • I live in a very well maintained 24 unit townhome community with an HOA. I bought my home in 2005. This year, our board president is wanting to make our community a 55yrs and older community. I think it is a bad idea since we live across from a K-12 school complex and right off a major and convenient free way to downtown Phoenix. Great for resale value. Can I effectively contest such a change? Some of our residents have children going to college under 25 at home.
  • Is there a temp that hoa pools must be maintained during winter,
  • Are there specific requirements for temperatures in a HOA managed pool?
  • 80% of the residents must be over the age of 55 before a complex can be declared "seniors only". We encountered this in our own HOA. Anything else puts you up for a suit due to the Fair Housing Act. We now have to accept young children.
  • we have 414 units and a lot of kids. We have 2 lifeguards on weekends but only 1 on weekdays is that safe. Presently we have 2 lifeguard stands one on each side of the pool some board members want to get rid of the stands and have the lifeguards set where they may. is that safe
  • Is there a maximum temperature the pool can be for a hoa swimming pool?a9nbcx
  • If fed law says 12 is minimum age for solo swimming, can our HOA say 16 is minimum age?
  • is there a law that states a pool has to be a certain size depending on how many units are in a retirement community
  • I live in a new community of 500 townhomes and cobdos, is there a size requirement for the pool? We feel the pool they put in is much to small! Thank's to anyone who help me with this,.
  • what are the hours of operation of a condo pool at night?
  • Our HOA is planning to put in a diving board. What are the risks for that. Is this a bad idea due to insurance and possible liability?
  • Our "renters" seem to feel they do not need to purchase a key. and they have broken fences busted iron lock gates, propped the gate open for all their friends. some leave a rocvk/brick to keep the gate from closing. We do not have an "entry " gate, so anyone they call on cell phone can drive or ride a bike up, go thru the open gate and ruin our pool (it's happened multiple times... guess who foots the bill- owners, like me!!!! What are our options? People here hate me for trying to enforce standards... This is my HOME!
  • one if there is 3 pools
  • I am an owner of condo in NJ Condo Association with 86 units and no rental or sub rental allowed. Is our pool private or public - do we have to have a lifeguard by NJ law?
  • Walter von Stockhausen on Sunday, June 7, 2015 2:08 PM
    We have a 34 unit condo and a small community pool. One of the pool rules is not to consume food in the pool area. Is it wise to have bistro styles tables and chairs on the deck area since this will encourage consuming food in the pool area. Than is the change of clutter and safety issues on the deck area.
  • I have the same question as Donna Choromanski. Is there a size requirement for the pool based on the number of houses/units in the community?
  • our co-op poll rules prohibit possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages at the pool. at times , it is obvious that some people are drinking booze. Yet, the lifeguard refuses to act. Claims that he can't search their property. Does he have rights to search if alcohol possession/ consumption is expected ?
  • I live in a condo. they just recently put a lock on the gate to get in and to get out. is this allowed. how would you get out in case of an emergency? I think that it is very unsafe not to have a quick exit if something came up and you can't find the key to get out.
  • Catherine A Scarborough on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 2:38 PM
    What is an appropriately sized swimming pool for a community having 1,100 units?