Category: Owner Relations

Owner Relations Tree Care
2010 Feb Tree Care

Trees and other green landscaping elements are some of your association's most valuable assets. In addition to providing all-important curb appeal, trees and shrubs provide privacy, act as windscreens, and prevent soil erosion. Taking …

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Owner Relations Renters in Condos
2010 Feb Renters in Condos

The current recession has impacted New Jersey's condo and HOA communities in many profound ways. Boards and managers have been forced to address the challenge posed by multiple units in arrears, bank foreclosures, and projects put on i…

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Owner Relations Board Elections
2010 Feb Board Elections

 Every condo development and HOA has a board of directors in charge of governing  the community’s finances, physical maintenance and other day-to-day business. The board is not  just a group that runs the association, however—it is also a …

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Owner Relations Where the Dollars are
2010 Feb Where the Dollars are

Few things can be as upsetting as discovering that the funds that fuel a building or association have been mishandled—or worse yet, stolen. For residents, fraud undermines their sense of trust in the men and women who oversee and manage…

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Owner Relations Board Members and Privacy
2010 Feb Board Members and Privacy

As the leaders of their community and guardians of their residents' investment and quality of life, HOA board members have a lot of responsibility, and access to a great deal of personal—sometimes sensitive—information about their neighbo…

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Owner Relations Civilian Again
2010 Feb Civilian Again

 For board members, the time spent serving their association and fellow residents  can be among the most strenuous yet rewarding periods in their lives. For  years, they make decisions that affect their community in the present and may  co…

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Owner Relations Anger Management
2010 Feb Anger Management

 For most people, “foaming at the mouth” is just a figure of speech. Attorney Ellen Hirsch de Haan, a managing partner  in the Tampa Bay, Florida office of Becker & Poliakoff PA, has encountered the real thing—and not at an animal shelter,…

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Owner Relations A Look at Enforcing House Rules
2009 Feb A Look at Enforcing House Rules

 It’s a time-worn pattern that plays out in workplaces, classrooms, and residential  buildings everywhere: rules are set, and enforced strictly for awhile. Over time however, enforcement wanes a little—the rules are bent, then broken. Even…

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Owner Relations Bringing in a New Board
2009 Feb Bringing in a New Board

When it comes to running a building or community association, all board members are not created equal—at least not when it comes to administrative ability and skill. Some bring experience in construction or backgrounds in law, finance, …

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