Top Complaints of Board Members and Residents Finding Common Ground

Even in the most well-run, harmonious building or association, problems occasionally arise. Sometimes it’s a truculent resident who seems determined to alienate and annoy everybody within a half-mile radius, sometimes it’s a managing agent who never picks up the phone. Whether board member, manager, or resident, everyone has their Top Ten list of things that bug them.

With that in mind, this month we’ve got the top ten things that drive board members crazy about their residents and the top ten things that make residents pull their hair and curl into the fetal position. More importantly, we’ve got suggestions on how to put all of those trifling items to rest and help board members and residents find a happy common ground.

Board Members’ Big 10

u What Rulebook?

When residents don’t know the rules and regulations of the community in which they live, it causes major headaches for board members and fellow unit owners alike. Jack McGrath, now finishing his 10th year as a board member at The Grande at Colt’s Neck in Colt’s Neck, recalls a neighbor who admitted to Jack that he’d never once read the condo community’s rulebook. Instead, he would come to Jack with questions on what was and wasn’t allowed. Without becoming familiar with regulations, residents have a far greater chance of accidentally breaking a rule, incurring a fine and finding themselves in a mess of trouble down the line.

v It’s All About Me!


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