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Owner Relations Dealing with Difficult Residents
2007 Feb Dealing with Difficult Residents

As a member of board, you've volunteered your time to serve your building or homeowner's association with the best interest of your community in mind. But as every board member knows, even with the best of intentions, your board may…

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Owner Relations Dealing with an Unresponsive Board
2007 Feb Dealing with an Unresponsive Board

Requests that go unanswered, records that cannot be found, meetings that happen behind closed doors, an opaque veil of non-communication. Unresponsive boards are the bane of HOA members—they seem to operate behind an iron curtain of inacces…

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Owner Relations Dealing With Objectionable Residents
2006 Nov Dealing With Objectionable Residents

The everyday problems in homeowners associations are usually pretty cut-and-dried. Most of the time, disputes between neighbors, or between residents and the board, can be filed under a few headings. Noise, whether issued from refrigerat…

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Owner Relations New Jersey Admissions Policies
2006 Oct New Jersey Admissions Policies

Three years ago, a member of the New York Giants football team was looking to move into Manhattan and applied to buy a co-op at one of the more luxurious buildings in town. Although the player made millions each year, he was denied entra…

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