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Neighborhoods Fort Lee, New Jersey
2011 March Fort Lee, New Jersey

 Mention Fort Lee, New Jersey and two things come to mind. One is its proximity  to the George Washington Bridge, and secondly, its heritage as the birthplace  of the modern film industry and of the Palisades amusement park.    The …

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Neighborhoods Redevelopment on the Waterfront
2009 Sept Redevelopment on the Waterfront

 Asbury Park, one of the old showplaces of the Jersey Shore and a town that in  its heyday rivaled Atlantic City, has seen its fortunes rise and fall (and rise  again). Once viewed as a city in decline, Asbury Park benefited greatly from  …

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Neighborhoods Bergen County's Parkland
2007 July Bergen County's Parkland

While some people may only know the town of Mahwah because of a glancing mention in the Bruce Springsteen song "Johnny 99," the city has had a long and distinguished history. Some know it for its parklands, some for the historic For…

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Neighborhoods A Look at Monroe Township
2007 Jan A Look at Monroe Township

Kermit the Frog thought he had it right when he sang, "It's not easy being green," but in Monroe Township, it's not only easy being green—it's their priority to keep as much green in their community as possible. As the largest commu…

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Neighborhoods Visiting Cherry Hill
2006 Dec Visiting Cherry Hill

Every year, Money Magazine releases its extremely popular list of the top 100 places to live in the United States. This year, Cherry Hill, New Jersey made the list at number 47. Of course Bernie Platt, mayor of the 24 square-mile townshi…

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Neighborhoods Franklin Township
2006 Nov Franklin Township

Usually, when the word "diverse" is used to describe a place, it's in reference to the ethnic makeup of the population. We tend to think of many different races or cultures living together, expressing and celebrating their cultural ident…

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Neighborhoods A Look at Phillipsburg
2006 Oct A Look at Phillipsburg

Phillipsburg is one of those small towns that when you hear about it, you want to immediately jump into your car, drive to the area and check it out. Just read the description of their town on their website, …

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Neighborhoods Picturing a New Future for Fort Lee
2006 Aug Picturing a New Future for Fort Lee

Fort Lee, a quaint town of two-and-a-half square miles perched on the Palisades above the mighty Hudson River, is often overlooked. Millions of people have passed through Fort Lee—indeed, anyone who has ever crossed the George Washington…

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Neighborhoods An Overview of Union City
2006 Jul An Overview of Union City

As its population reaches 67,000, Hudson County's township of Union City is fast becoming an attractive alternative for those who work and play in Manhattan. Bordered on the south by Jersey City, on the north by West New York, on th…

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Neighborhoods Hackensack
2006 Jun Hackensack

According to Hackensack city manager Steve Loiacono, his town is really going places."Real estate values are strong, business—and retail in particular—has been expanding and shows no sign of slowing," he says. "Unemployment is relatively…

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