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Neighborhoods Basking Ridge, New Jersey
2013 October Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Settled during colonial times, Basking Ridge is home to several major corporate entities and some very large condo communities. It is an unincorporated community located within Bernards Township in the Somerset Hills region of Somerset Cou…

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Neighborhoods Lakehurst, New Jersey
2013 June Lakehurst, New Jersey

 Seventy-six years ago Lakehurst was the scene of one of the most iconic and  notorious air disasters in history, the explosion of the German zeppelin  Hindenburg. Memories fade throughout the decades, and while most people have  seen the …

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Neighborhoods High on Watchung
2013 April High on Watchung

 Nestled in the hilly Watchung Mountains in Central New Jersey, this tight knit  community of Watchung offers more amenities than you might think. In addition to parks (Mobus Field, Philips Field, Watchung Lake Park), valleys  and waterway…

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Neighborhoods Atlantic City Weathers the Storm
2013 February Atlantic City Weathers the Storm

 Every news channel in the tri-state area, if not the entire U.S., aired  minute-by-minute accounts of Superstorm Sandy's brutal march up the Eastern  Seaboard. The accounts and pictures of the devastation were indelible.  Weathermen and n…

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Neighborhoods Vernon, New Jersey
2013 January Vernon, New Jersey

 Given the popularity of the Jersey Shore and its reality showcase, most people  don’t think of New Jersey as having mountainous terrain but tucked in the northeast  corner of Sussex County is the township of Vernon, New Jersey.    …

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Neighborhoods Manasquan, New Jersey
2012 August Manasquan, New Jersey

 The Jersey Shore has received a lot of press in recent years, thanks in part to  the popularity of MTV's reality show Jersey Shore. Many New Jerseyans find the  TV show a mixed blessing, while the antics of Snooki, J. Woww, the Situation,…

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Neighborhoods Secaucus, New Jersey
2012 May Secaucus, New Jersey

Many jokes have been made throughout the years at Secaucus' expense. Even its very name causes a few snickers since Secaucus is a derivation of the Algonquin words for “black” and “snake;” a more apt translation is “place of snakes,” no…

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Neighborhoods Maplewood, New Jersey
2012 February Maplewood, New Jersey

When surveying the area now known as Maplewood, Robert Treat found several trails used by the Lenape tribes of Algonquin Native Americans, though there was only sparse settlement. Many of these paths form the basis for the town's main …

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Neighborhoods Clifton, New Jersey
2011 November Clifton, New Jersey

Situated a mere 10 miles from the “Big Apple,” Clifton is a delightfully diverse community that does not fit the mold of the average commuter town. While a sizable number of residents do commute to “the city,” a majority of residents wor…

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Neighborhoods Rumson, New Jersey
2011 October Rumson, New Jersey

 The Borough of Rumson is an upscale and historic community that caught the eyes  of English settlers as far back as 1663. During the Victorian Age, it was the  summer playground of New York's elite due to its proximity to New York City.  …

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