2019 Winter
Focus on... Real Estate Trends

Real Estate Trends 2019-2020 Round-up  and Projection
2019 Winter 2019-2020 Round-up and Projection

In markets throughout the nation, 2019 was a year of uncertainty, reflecting change in the basic mechanisms of how we view, buy, and sell real estate.  That uncertainty extended to all markets, from traditional single-family homes to co-ops…

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Security Introducing New Security Tech in Your Building
2019 Winter Introducing New Security Tech in Your Building

In today’s world of high-tech property management and building security, there are more options than ever for managers and boards to choose from to keep their communities on the cutting edge. There are web- and device-based apps for everyth…

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Maintenance Maintaining  Air Quality
2019 Winter Maintaining Air Quality

Any time you have hundreds or even thousands of people living in close quarters – in a multifamily co-op or condo building, say – certain challenges inevitably will arise. One of the bigger ones is how to maintain the flow of fresh, hygieni…

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Real Estate Trends The Illegal Home-Sharing Issue
2019 Winter The Illegal Home-Sharing Issue

Since their insurgence over the last dozen years, Airbnb, Homeaway/VRBO and other home-sharing sites using a similar model have provided travelers all across the globe with alternative—often more affordable—accommodation to hotels, motels, …

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Law & Legislation Removing a  Condominium Owner
2019 Winter Removing a Condominium Owner

Removing a disruptive, abusive, non-paying, or otherwise problematic tenant from a rental building is relatively easy. Doing the same thing in a co-op is also possible, though substantially harder. But removing a condo owner from the premis…

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Board Operations Board Transition
2019 Winter Board Transition

Community associations are microcosms of democracy, run by an elected board of volunteers trusted to make good decisions on behalf of the community as a whole. Boards make the call on every large and small issue for their constituency. So i…

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Q&A Q&A: Voting Out Loud
2019 Winter Q&A: Voting Out Loud

Q. Our association stated that in compliance with the Radburn Bill, all votes must be read aloud giving the unit number and the vote. Is this mandatory now?                            —Wishing to Remain Silent A. “The Radburn Bill doe…

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Q&A Q&A: The Legality of Surveillance
2019 Winter Q&A: The Legality of Surveillance

Q. I’d like to get the opinions of legal experts regarding boards that use the surveillance system to spy on residents they dislike, attempting to “catch” them at some behavior which may be against the building rules. So is it legal to sp…

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Q&A Q&A: Can Playing Be Against the Rules?
2019 Winter Q&A: Can Playing Be Against the Rules?

Q. Our building is discriminating against children. The board has just purchased very expensive lobby furniture ($6,000 per chair) with a white rug. It has now passed a rule that children must not play in the lobby. If they are “caught” p…

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