2017 January
Focus on... Management

Management Professional Enrichment for Managers
2017 January Professional Enrichment for Managers

Whether dealing with technology, administration or communication, on any given day property managers and managing agents are required to be jacks of all trades. And while some managers might actually have a practical background in plumbing …

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Management Outsourcing Services
2017 January Outsourcing Services

In the perennial struggle to control costs while still adequately maintaining a building or HOA’s physical plant, grounds, and other day-to-day business, some boards and managers are opting to hire superintendents, custodians, and other sta…

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Management Service-Based Amenities
2017 January Service-Based Amenities

In major US cities these days, the decision to live in one co-op or condo building versus another often hinges upon the style of living afforded in a particular property. Whether it is defined partly by a full-scale gym and spa, a children’…

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Real Estate Trends A Look Forward
2017 January A Look Forward

Another year is behind us, and what a year it was! While 2017 and beyond promise to be eventful in myriad ways, it probably makes sense to focus solely on what’s ahead in the world of condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners’ associations …

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Law & Legislation Courtroom Roundup
2017 January Courtroom Roundup

The Obamas are leaving the White House, at least some of the Trumps will be moving in, and federal agencies have until mid-January to implement the outgoing administration’s policies and directives before the tide moves in what may be a ver…

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Finance Tax Time
2017 January Tax Time

If you live in the United States and watch television, you are undoubtedly aware that every January, right before the New Year, the holiday season advertising tapers off and the tax season advertising begins. From around December 30th to Ap…

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Q&A Q&A: Unassigned Handicapped Spaces
2017 January Q&A: Unassigned Handicapped Spaces

Q.  My wife and I live and own a unit in a 55-and-over mid-rise condo complex. We have an underground parking garage for residents only. A garage door opener is needed to enter and exit. There are 80 units with 128 assigned parking spots a…

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