2014 February
Focus on... Board/Owner Relations

Cashing in on a Great Event
2014 February Cashing in on a Great Event

The Expo, now in its 7th year of providing information and networking to board members, property managers and real estate professionals will return to the Meadowlands Expo Center on May 7, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Not only is t…

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Owner Relations Howdy, Neighbor
2014 February Howdy, Neighbor

The word community, like many words in the English language, has more than one interpretation. A community can be identified as a geographical location—a physical infrastructure of streets, parks and buildings, defined by tangible brick an…

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Owner Relations Board/Owner Do’s & Don’ts
2014 February Board/Owner Do’s & Don’ts

It only takes a few minutes of Googling to uncover the traits that make a successful person or business owner. For example, Entrepreneur magazine’s Steven Key wrote the article, “5 Qualities of Successful Persons,” which included such trai…

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Owner Relations Keeping Track of Paperwork
2014 February Keeping Track of Paperwork

While keeping the records of the association is not the most fascinating part of serving on a board, it is in some ways the most important. In fact, the flow of paperwork is the lifeblood of the community. The Articles of Incorporati…

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Finance Worst-Case Scenarios
2014 February Worst-Case Scenarios

New Jersey has had its share of hurricanes and weather disasters over the years, and while sometimes there's ample warning before something calamitous happens, that's not always the case. A bad situation can be made immeasurably worse when…

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Finance Dollars & Sense
2014 February Dollars & Sense

Even before the economic meltdown and the media storm swirling around the thievery of money men like Bernie Madoff, financial mismanagement and fraud have been destructive problems for many co-op and condo owners. A co-op or condo is…

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Real Estate Trends The New Jersey Open House
2014 February The New Jersey Open House

There are lots of ways for homebuyers to find properties for sale, but regardless of whether one finds their prospective dream house online, sees a “For Sale” sign in a building, or gets a hot tip word-of-mouth, at some point buyer and pro…

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Real Estate Trends Lights Out!
2014 February Lights Out!

There’s a reason that film directors, when making movies, first call for LIGHTS before CAMERA and ACTION. Lighting sets the tone for the entire picture. Soft lighting makes a pretty face even prettier (or a not-so pretty one, not half-bad)…

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Q&A Q&A: Mitigating Noise with Flooring
2014 February Q&A: Mitigating Noise with Flooring

Mitigating Noise with Flooring Q My family is a shareholder of one of eight apartments in a small co-op. The apartment directly above ours was sublet to a family in 1997 that signed an agreement specified by the board of directors r…

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