2012 February
Focus on... Board/Owner Relations

The New Jersey Cooperator's Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo
2012 February The New Jersey Cooperator's Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo

 Are you looking for a new management company or financial advisor? Does your  landscaping need an expert green thumb? Is your roof looking a little worn from  the ravages of the New Jersey winter?    Help is available at The New Je…

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Owner Relations Following the Golden Rule
2012 February Following the Golden Rule

Every co-op and condo association has its own house rules—rules and regulations (hopefully) based on common sense and aimed at protecting residents' safety and quality of life without undue disruption or inconvenience. Most un…

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Owner Relations Involved & Invested
2012 February Involved & Invested

 Though they may live close to each other, people can feel isolated in an urban  or suburban environment. While high-rise residential buildings put families  near one another, living close doesn’t turn a group of neighbors into a community…

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Owner Relations Renters on the Rise in Condominiums
2012 February Renters on the Rise in Condominiums

As the housing market in many parts of the country has foundered, many developers have taken creative approaches to stanch the outward flow of cash. In many markets, this means opting to convert portions of developments originally inte…

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Real Estate Trends Revisiting Reverse Mortgages
2012 February Revisiting Reverse Mortgages

According to the most recent U.S. Census in 2010, an estimated 1.08 million people—or roughly 13.5 percent—of New Jersey’s population is over the age of 65. Older New Jerseyans probably live in longtime neighborhoods or in senior-only 5…

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Maintenance When Construction Projects Go Awry
2012 February When Construction Projects Go Awry

 Construction and renovation projects are necessary, but often troublesome—especially when they're occurring next door. For many residents and building  owners adjacent to an ongoing project, noise, debris and construction zones  diminish …

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Maintenance Think Spring!
2012 February Think Spring!

Snowfall can be beautiful in New Jersey, but a long, harsh winter can wreak havoc on a condominium community’s landscaping. As spring begins to peek around winter’s chilly corner, the snow melts away and uncovers the winter wear. From br…

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Organizations National Association for Community Mediation
2012 February National Association for Community Mediation

 Unless you live in the perfectly utopian condo or co-op (in which case please  disclose where), conflict is virtually inevitable. Whether is it a noise  complaint or larger issue of governance, disputes between neighbors and board  member…

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Neighborhoods Maplewood, New Jersey
2012 February Maplewood, New Jersey

When surveying the area now known as Maplewood, Robert Treat found several trails used by the Lenape tribes of Algonquin Native Americans, though there was only sparse settlement. Many of these paths form the basis for the town's main …

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Q&A Q&A: Number of Allowed Occupants in a Co-op
2012 February Q&A: Number of Allowed Occupants in a Co-op

Q Can you tell me if or where one would find out if there is a law that dictates  the total number of children allowed per cooperative apartment? Would this be  found in the bylaws, offering plan or is it something that the city regulates…

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