2011 November
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Furry Pests
2011 November Furry Pests

 The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife says that there are over 800  species of wildlife living in the Garden State, and while most of them will  never been seen on association properties, it seems that others are showing up  more t…

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Maintenance Breathing Easy
2011 November Breathing Easy

 Keeping indoor air clean is critical to maintaining a healthy environment. The  inner workings of a building’s operating system is often a mystery to the untrained person or board member.  Since it’s easier to determine the cleanliness of…

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Maintenance On the Up-and-Up
2011 November On the Up-and-Up

 Like the automobile, the residential elevator is a mechanical marvel—and a fairly recent invention. If you’re a board member, a manager or just a unit owner of an urban or suburban co-op  or condo development, chances are you probably use…

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Maintenance Be Prepared
2011 November Be Prepared

No one would deny New Jerseyans are tough. But even the most stoic Garden State resident shivers a bit when the first signs of winter settle over the state. The inevitable arrival of snow and ice take their toll not only on the people …

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Real Estate Trends Holiday Harmony
2011 November Holiday Harmony

Holidays are usually synonymous with good cheer, smiles, and a festive atmosphere—but occasionally, they can be the cause of friction and ill will as well. When people of various faiths and traditions all live in the same high-rise buil…

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Maintenance Maintaining a Building's Infrastructure
2011 November Maintaining a Building's Infrastructure

In many ways, a building’s boiler is like the heart is to the body: it provides heat and circulation; it works unseen; and if properly maintained, it will function well for decades without a problem. Maintaining the heat source of the c…

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Maintenance Winter Cleaning
2011 November Winter Cleaning

 For building owners and managers in the Garden State, winter weather not only  refers to the white stuff that falls out of the sky—but rather, the white stuff that collects in a building’s lobby and is also deposited on their many sidewal…

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Management Keeping it Zen
2011 November Keeping it Zen

Managing a condominium or cooperative building would be a piece of cake… if weren’t for all those people. The bricks and mortar is easy. Sending out bills, contracting building repairs, filing papers, commissioning and preparin…

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Neighborhoods Clifton, New Jersey
2011 November Clifton, New Jersey

Situated a mere 10 miles from the “Big Apple,” Clifton is a delightfully diverse community that does not fit the mold of the average commuter town. While a sizable number of residents do commute to “the city,” a majority of residents wor…

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Q&A Q&A: No Quorum and the Same Board
2011 November Q&A: No Quorum and the Same Board

Q What happens when there is no quorum at a shareholders meeting and therefore there is no election for new board members? The same board has remained in my condo for many, many years without a chance for us to vote them out. Isn't the…

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Q&A Q&A: Community Safety
2011 November Q&A: Community Safety

Q “If an HOA or condo board heard about the potential threat of a possible rapist  in the area but did nothing to add security to the parking area and a resident  was raped, is that HOA or condo association or board liable? What if that s…

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