2010 September
Focus on... Energy & The Environment

Energy Conservation Keeping Your Community Healthy
2010 September Keeping Your Community Healthy

Board members and association managers have a lot on their plates—maintenance issues, resident complaints, construction projects, and the hundred little tasks that make up the administration and upkeep of a multifamily residential build…

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Energy Conservation Decisions, Decisions
2010 September Decisions, Decisions

Saving money is always a top concern of any association board, but with tough economic times and high fuel prices, saving on energy costs can be a challenge that requires some tough choices. Since 1999, New Jersey businesses a…

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Energy Conservation Seeing the Light
2010 September Seeing the Light

 Lighting in the U.S. alone accounts for approximately 22 percent of all  electricity used, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. It is no wonder  that in the current economic and environmentally-sensitive climate a lot of  effort is…

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Energy Conservation Green Myths
2010 September Green Myths

Mom was right. Her admonition to “Turn out the lights when you leave the room!” is as valid today as it was a generation ago. And yet many co-op and condo buildings, while energy-conscious in so many ways, seem to feel it’s better to jus…

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Energy Conservation Here Comes Trouble
2010 September Here Comes Trouble

The vast majority of community association residents are normal folks who wouldn't dream of disrupting life in their building by being verbally abusive to neighbors, blowing up board members' phones and e-mail inboxes with endless comp…

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Energy Conservation Greening the Garden State
2010 September Greening the Garden State

 In recent years, being green has become more than just a trendy buzzword—for many Garden State HOAs, it’s now a way of life. More and more communities are adopting and implementing  environmentally-sensitive policies, and intentionally us…

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Energy Conservation The Importance of Mosquito Control
2010 September The Importance of Mosquito Control

 The simple mosquito, while small in stature, has been man’s most persistent and deadly foe. Millions die from malaria, yellow fever, West Nile virus and other  mosquito-transferred pathogens every year. Why do mosquitoes bite? Unlike tick…

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Q&A Q&A: Proof of Proxy?
2010 September Q&A: Proof of Proxy?

Q What are the rules concerning how many proxies any one person can submit? Also, does a person submitting proxies have to be a unit owner? Or even live in the complex? We have a situation where a renter, not owner, of a co-op collects…

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