2009 Oct
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
2009 Oct The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

 Here’s the scenario: the developer of your suburban building, who still owns enough  units to throw his weight around, hires a property manager who plays fast and  loose with the municipal tax codes. So much so in fact, that he winds up i…

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Board Operations Understanding Maintenance Responsibilities
2009 Oct Understanding Maintenance Responsibilities

 When owners move into an HOA or condo development, most have a basic idea of who’s responsible for repairs and maintenance in their unit, and who’s responsible for the common areas—even if they don’t bother to read the governing documents…

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Board Operations A Guideline to Put into Practice
2009 Oct A Guideline to Put into Practice

 It’s an oft-repeated mantra when it comes to condo and HOA management: no two  boards are ever the same. Each is—or should be—a reflection of the community it serves, and each is made up of a unique blend  of personalities, skill sets, an…

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Board Operations Understanding a Complex Game
2009 Oct Understanding a Complex Game

 Generally speaking, the issue of municipal services—snow removal, paving, garbage collection, etc.—as they apply to HOAs is pretty cut-and-dry: municipalities receive money  directly from owners in the form of property taxes. HOAs budget …

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Board Operations Serving HOAs in Three States
2009 Oct Serving HOAs in Three States

 When you’re reading the history of the Pennsylvania and Delaware Valley Chapter of the  Community Associations Institute (CAI-PADELVAL, for short), it might be helpful  to whip out the map to get a sense of who they are and the communitie…

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Board Operations A Nest Egg in Egg Harbor Township
2009 Oct A Nest Egg in Egg Harbor Township

 Whether its the close proximity to the coast, the reassurance of knowing its a  safe place to raise children or simply its easy distance from the bright lights  of Atlantic City, Egg Harbor Township in southeastern New Jersey has somethin…

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Board Operations Early Color Could be a Sign of Distress
2009 Oct Early Color Could be a Sign of Distress

 In many parts of North America, people will soon enjoy one of nature’s finest shows. The changing colors of fall foliage make for a beautiful  display, but too-early changes in leaf-color can be a sign that your tree is  stressed and is s…

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Q&A Q&A: Board Ethics
2009 Oct Q&A: Board Ethics

Q Can the president of a co-op board be in business with the management company’s owner without divulging it to the shareholders or other board members? The board members were recently notified that the owner is one of the board of d…

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Q&A Q&A: Ownership Responsibilities?
2009 Oct Q&A: Ownership Responsibilities?

Q We are a 38-unit condo complex. We have had trouble finding owners to serve as board. Can we require owners to serve at least one term on the condo board during the time that they are owners of a unit? Can we permit them to pay a …

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Q&A Q&A: Management Company Negligent?
2009 Oct Q&A: Management Company Negligent?

Q Our management company just changed hands. The building records were shipped to the co-op, placed in a room across from the laundry and the rumor is that only the superintendent has the key. The other night when the new manager cam…

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