2009 Jan
Focus on... Board/Management Relations

Management Relations Making the Grade
2009 Jan Making the Grade

No matter what the job—be it flipping burgers at a chain restaurant or running a multinational investment firm—employees should be given periodic reviews of their performance to assess how they’re doing and identify both their strengths …

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Management Relations The Management and Board Team
2009 Jan The Management and Board Team

Building boards and their managing agents function best when they work together as a team. Ideally, the two parties collaborate to implement policy, carry out administrative duties, and make decisions about the efficient operation of th…

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Management Relations Next Generation Property Management
2009 Jan Next Generation Property Management

Remember Stanley Roper from the 1970’s sitcom Three’s Company? To some, he might still be their idea of a property manager—the upstairs landlord or the guy you’d call when your plumbing’s on the fritz. And indeed, when the plumbing in you…

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Q&A Q&A: Board Secretary Delinquent?
2009 Jan Q&A: Board Secretary Delinquent?

Q Last year, a board member discovered other directors have allowed our association secretary to be 10 months delinquent in his assessments. No action was taken. Other unit owners have been in the collection process for the same violat…

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Q&A Q&A: Failure to Distribute Minutes
2009 Jan Q&A: Failure to Distribute Minutes

Failure to Distribute Minutes Q I was newly elected to the board of a small (32-unit), self-managed cooperative, where traditionally there has been little transparency between the board and shareholders. The board has been st…

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