2009 Feb
Focus on... Board/Owner Relations

Owner Relations ADR 101 for HOAs
2009 Feb ADR 101 for HOAs

Turn on daytime television and you might get a false impression that people like to go before a judge to work out their differences. There are so many cookie-cutter court shows like where they make the process look simple and quick. Th…

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Owner Relations Bringing in a New Board
2009 Feb Bringing in a New Board

When it comes to running a building or community association, all board members are not created equal—at least not when it comes to administrative ability and skill. Some bring experience in construction or backgrounds in law, finance, …

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Owner Relations A Look at Enforcing House Rules
2009 Feb A Look at Enforcing House Rules

 It’s a time-worn pattern that plays out in workplaces, classrooms, and residential  buildings everywhere: rules are set, and enforced strictly for awhile. Over time however, enforcement wanes a little—the rules are bent, then broken. Even…

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Q&A Q&A: Board Makeup Contrary to Bylaws
2009 Feb Q&A: Board Makeup Contrary to Bylaws

Q I reside and own shares in a co-op in Edison, New Jersey, which is experiencing many problems, including serious maintenance issues, due in part to poor service on the behalf of the current management company. A group of res…

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