2008 Oct
Focus on... Association Operations

Board Operations Switching Management Companies
2008 Oct Switching Management Companies

Most co-op and condo boards that hire property managers, rather than manage themselves with in-house staff, are reasonably satisfied with them. After all, the managers are presumably trained and experienced professionals. But now and t…

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Board Operations HOAs & the Value of a Web Presence
2008 Oct HOAs & the Value of a Web Presence

It’s sometimes hard to grasp how fast technology has evolved in such a short time. Whether it’s finding cheap plane tickets or finding a date for Saturday night, the Internet can do it all. Technology has transformed the way we communic…

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Board Operations In Your Place, In Their Place
2008 Oct In Your Place, In Their Place

Conventional wisdom holds that if you have to have neighbors, you’re better off living next door to owners than renters. By definition, owners have a stake in their building, and are supposedly better neighbors. They are cleaner, quiete…

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Q&A Q&A: Board Operations and Overspending
2008 Oct Q&A: Board Operations and Overspending

Q We are an adult community consisting of a complex of three separate buildings. Ten directors make up the officers and manage the community with each individual condo building managed by three trustees. The community has no Alternativ…

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