2007 Sept
Focus on... Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Winterizing Your HOA Grounds
2007 Sept Winterizing Your HOA Grounds

Some people say winters in the northeast are not as harsh as they used to be, due to global warming. But experience tells us that winters in New Jersey can still be dangerous, with freezing temperatures and precipitation. Such cold weath…

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Energy Conservation Tips for Board Members and Residents
2007 Sept Tips for Board Members and Residents

These days, it seems like nearly everyone is making a move toward being more environmentally friendly. So-called "green" architecture, products and tips are everywhere. While many of these moves toward green living require the help of a …

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Energy Conservation The Way for HOAs to Go Green
2007 Sept The Way for HOAs to Go Green

There is little doubt that what started as a green building trend, with all of its energy efficiency measures and renewable energy options, has evolved into a rational way to add value to your property. In fact a recent Roper survey show…

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Q&A Q&A: Playroom Proposal
2007 Sept Q&A: Playroom Proposal

Q Our building has two rooms immediately off the ground-floor lobby that are also opposite three occupied apartments. One room is used for building meetings while the other currently holds some storage. Several unit owners wish to make …

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Q&A Q&A: Reserve Fund Start-Up
2007 Sept Q&A: Reserve Fund Start-Up

Q How do we start a reserve fund? Where does the money come from? What can we or can’t we use the money for? Must we get approval from shareholders/owners in order to spend the reserve fund? —Board Member at a New Condo …

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Q&A Q&A: Unresponsive Board
2007 Sept Q&A: Unresponsive Board

Q I live in a condo and have issues with the board. I have had an attorney send them a letter and they have NOT responded. According to the bylaws they are required to have regular monthly meetings. They don’t. Can they do this? I don’t…

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Q&A Q&A: Missing Meetings
2007 Sept Q&A: Missing Meetings

Q What happens if board members consistently miss meetings, or don’t attend, messing up the voting process for a board? What recourse do we have? --Attentive Board Member A “Removal of a member of the board of directors…

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