2006 Nov
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Board Operations Dealing With Objectionable Residents
2006 Nov Dealing With Objectionable Residents

The everyday problems in homeowners associations are usually pretty cut-and-dried. Most of the time, disputes between neighbors, or between residents and the board, can be filed under a few headings. Noise, whether issued from refrigerat…

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Maintenance Fully Operational Operating Systems
2006 Nov Fully Operational Operating Systems

Every home has its own foibles, its own creaks and sounds that we, as its inhabitants, know so well. We know that our ovens run a little hot or that our clothes washers need a little kick in the middle of the spin cycle to keep them going. …

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Maintenance Understanding OSHA
2006 Nov Understanding OSHA

Whether your HOA or condo development has a full-time maintenance staff, a few supers or maintenance people, or just occasional contractors, those workers are covered by federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, gui…

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Maintenance A Look at Leaks
2006 Nov A Look at Leaks

Water leaks are the bane of many an apartment owner—and many a building superintendent. The innocent drip-drip-drip sound can augur waterfall-like hardship if not properly addressed. Leaks can cause major structural damage, ruin property…

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Board Operations Dealing with HOA Noise Complaints
2006 Nov Dealing with HOA Noise Complaints

A community association's board has multiple duties—among them deciding when to make repairs, improvements, and additions, and establishing rules and regulations to control aesthetics and unwelcome behavior. Nine times out of ten, repair…

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Neighborhoods Franklin Township
2006 Nov Franklin Township

Usually, when the word "diverse" is used to describe a place, it's in reference to the ethnic makeup of the population. We tend to think of many different races or cultures living together, expressing and celebrating their cultural ident…

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