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Recreation Going Green to Save Green
2014 May Going Green to Save Green

These days, it seems like everybody is looking to 'go green.' The term is shorthand for a movement of environmental awareness that involves everything from the way architects design new buildings and homes to the ways co-ops, condos and HO…

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Recreation Deep Blue
2013 May Deep Blue

 A beautiful amenity space just footsteps away from one’s morning coffee is a luxury most residents would love to consider when deciding  which property to call home, which is why a well-maintained swimming pool can  captivate potential ne…

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Recreation All is Illuminated
2013 May All is Illuminated

 Call it the Ikea-fication of America. It seems that more and more people are  getting interested in design, especially when it comes to their own home. In  decades past, household furniture and decorations didn't vary a whole lot.  Growin…

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Recreation The Play's the thing
2013 May The Play's the thing

 Back in the day when most of us were little kids, playgrounds largely consisted  of swing-sets, teeter-totters, some monkey bars, and maybe a metal slide or  two, along with the requisite basketball hoops and tetherball set-up.    …

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Recreation Managing In-Unit Amenities
2012 May Managing In-Unit Amenities

In an online forum, Sharon complains about her upstairs neighbor and begs for advice. Her neighbor had installed a washing machine in her unit, even though there was one already downstairs for the residents of her six-unit building to …

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Recreation Attractive Perks
2012 May Attractive Perks

You’ve got the perfect couple looking into buying a condo in your building. And they love everything about the unit. But here’s the catch—they also love everything about another building’s unit. They can’t decide which to buy. …

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Recreation Space, the Final Frontier
2012 May Space, the Final Frontier

This is about the easiest decision—the closest thing to a no-brainer—a co-op or condo board of directors will ever need to consider: what to do with vacant space. Install storage lockers. If you already have storage lockers, inst…

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Recreation Building Community Online
2012 May Building Community Online

It’s hard to imagine how quickly technology has evolved during our lifetimes, and much of that change is a result of how much closer we’ve become—virtually, that is. Whether it’s finding cheap plane tickets, or a restaurant for a Saturda…

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Recreation Community in Diversity
2011 May Community in Diversity

 New Jersey has a long tradition of being culturally diverse, and that tradition  continues to evolve today. New Jersey's Gold Coast has large populations of  Asian, Indian/Hindi and Hasidim. Other areas have large populations of  Pakistan…

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Recreation Keep it Clean
2011 May Keep it Clean

Years ago, when apartment residents wanted to do laundry, they gathered their basket and detergent, loaded up their pockets with quarters and perhaps a good book or their Walkman and trudged downstairs to the dark, dingy laundry room. A…

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