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Real Estate Trends Seeking Safe Outdoor Spaces
Seeking Safe Outdoor Spaces

For house-hunters in dense metropolitan areas like ours, outdoor space has always been a key amenity. While terraces, balconies and private gardens also top the list, larger outdoor spaces like roof decks and community gardens are perennial…

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Real Estate Trends Let’s Go Work Out!
2020 April Let’s Go Work Out!

By far the most popular amenity in apartment communities, whether co-op, condo, or rental, is a gym.  Even in small buildings where space for extras is at a premium, boards look for ways to add a fitness room somewhere, anywhere, they can w…

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Real Estate Trends The Illegal Home-Sharing Issue
2019 Winter The Illegal Home-Sharing Issue

Since their insurgence over the last dozen years, Airbnb, Homeaway/VRBO and other home-sharing sites using a similar model have provided travelers all across the globe with alternative—often more affordable—accommodation to hotels, motels, …

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