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Real Estate Trends Smart house system programming software. Engineering development of building construction, communication, electricity. Design in CAD programs of Smart building. AI of IOT. Architectural 3d plan.
2023 Summer Futurizing Multifamily Buildings

In his 1971 book Future Shock, author Alvin Toffler describes a society undergoing enormous structural change as a result of technological advancements—and the social stress and disorientation that came with that change. A half century late…

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Real Estate Trends Girl doing yoga training at home at night. Young Latin American woman meditating using an app on smartphone.
Quiet Rooms

With limited space, neighbors on all sides, and no back (or front) yards, apartment living has always been about the amenities. The newest must-have? Quiet rooms.  A direct outgrowth of pandemic-related limitations and peoples’ desperate ne…

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Real Estate Trends 2022 Market Wrap-Up
2023 Winter 2022 Market Wrap-Up

Both locally and nationally, 2022 was a year of contradiction in the real estate industry. The year began on the coattails of one of the strongest markets for homes in recent history. By early spring, with inflation rising at speeds not see…

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Real Estate Trends Fully renovated apartment in the old part of Montreal
2023 Winter Home Staging

What sells an apartment? Is it the feel of the space, the light, or the layout? Is it the price alone? Or something else entirely? Maybe a feeling of ‘hominess’ that calls out to the buyer: this is where you belong! Or perhaps it’s all thre…

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Real Estate Trends Rebranding Buildings & HOAs
Rebranding Buildings & HOAs

Amid the pressure of an overheated real estate market and possible looming recession, some co-op and condo properties are looking to stand out in today’s landscape. One strategy some are embracing is rebranding; casting a new light on who t…

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Real Estate Trends Cryptocurrency vector concept: Young couple buying new house online and paying with bitcoin on mobile phone
2022 Expo Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, & Taxes

Depending who you ask in the world of finance, cryptocurrency is either the future, or a passing fad. Either way, even still in its infancy, ‘crypto’ is attracting more and more investors—especially among younger millennials and Gen-Z inter…

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Real Estate Trends Click app icons set. Vector illustrations. Play, like, power, new follower notification. UI/UX user interface
2022 Expo Condo Communities & Social Media

While some condo communities have tried social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter as ways to build community spirit and facilitate better communication between neighbors, management, and even the board, most have r…

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