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2021 October A Look at Board Powers

When one buys a private single-family home, the homeowner is king or queen of the proverbial castle. When it comes to condominium and cooperative ownership, however, the landscape is more complex. While the shareholder or unit owner rules w…

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2021 October Managing Board Conflict

In a community association, it falls on the board to put out any fires that ignite among the property’s residents. But what happens when that blaze springs up between the board members themselves?  Those who volunteer to serve on their com…

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Board Operations Board Style & Management
2021 Summer Board Style & Management

Condos and co-ops are unique in their management structure, of which there are two levels: the board of the association or corporation, which governs the community on behalf of the unit owners or shareholders, and a hired management agent, …

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Law & Legislation Legal & Legislative Roundup
2021 Summer Legal & Legislative Roundup

As the nation starts to regain a semblance of normalcy with COVID-19 vaccinations on the rise and restrictions beginning to ease, legislative dockets have filled with bills and proposals that have ramifications for the co-op, condo, and HOA…

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Board Operations Term Limits for Board Members:
Term Limits for Board Members:

Term limits are often a hot issue at all levels of government. Does capping the tenure of an elected official clear the way for new ideas and re-energize governance, or does it cut off expertise and knowledge that can really only be acquire…

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