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Board Operations Term Limits for Board Members:
Term Limits for Board Members:

Term limits are often a hot issue at all levels of government. Does capping the tenure of an elected official clear the way for new ideas and re-energize governance, or does it cut off expertise and knowledge that can really only be acquire…

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Owner Relations Neighbor Noise
Neighbor Noise

Noise is an acknowledged part of community life, especially in multifamily apartment buildings.  Some noise is external; traffic, garbage collection, people shouting on the street or in the parking lot. That’s one of the main reasons for zo…

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Law & Legislation Transparency & Governance
Transparency & Governance

Is a condominium, co-op, or any type of common interest community (CIC) a democracy?  Do shareholders have the right to access the documents and information that boards use to make decisions? Can they demand to see those documents? The answ…

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Board Operations Overcoming Apathy
2021 March Overcoming Apathy

While residents generally like the idea of community that living in a condominium or co-op provides (that’s why many opt for this type of ownership), few are as excited about the idea of serving on their community’s governing board, or on a…

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Law & Legislation Some Co-ops Eligible for PPP Loans
2021 March Some Co-ops Eligible for PPP Loans

You may have heard that co-ops can now obtain loans under the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) as a result of their being included in the new Stimulus Bill. The rules governing the inclusion have finally been released …

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Management Relations Living by the Rules
2020 Winter Living by the Rules

It’s a common bit for comedians and TV sitcoms: making fun of the ‘condo police’—those neighbors who take it upon themselves to enforce the rules set up by your condominium association or co-op corporation to regulate community living. They…

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