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Board Operations Row of the new townhouses in Richmond, British Columbia.
2023 Expo Aesthetic Standards

Part of the appeal of living in a suburban HOA or condo association is living in an orderly and well kept community, with neighbors agreeing to uphold certain aesthetic standards for their properties to better preserve value for all.  What…

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Board Operations Human hand hold banner, placard with word Yes, No. Test question, choice, dispute, vote concept
2023 Expo The Board Approval Process

Board approval has been part and parcel of buying into a co-op since the housing model was introduced in the late 1800s. Boards can demand a great deal of personal information from buyers, and can approve or deny a purchase, as long as the …

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On The Board Business people studying list of rules, reading guidance, making checklist. Vector illustration for company order, restrictions, law, regulations concept
2023 Expo Amending Documents

In addition to their boards, common interest communities are governed by a set of foundational documents. In a condominium, those documents are the declaration and bylaws; co-ops also have bylaws, as well as a unique document called a propr…

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On The Board Looking up at a row of beautiful old brick brownstone homes in the downtown area of Hoboken New Jersey
2023 Expo Landmark Co-ops & Condos

If you picture a specific American city in your head, what do you see? Its buildings, most likely. Cities come to be known and represented by their iconic buildings, one part often standing in for the whole: think the Empire State or Chrysl…

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Board Operations International airport terminal. Asian beautiful woman with luggage and walking in airport
2023 Expo When Residents Are Away

It’s little surprise to many that the residents of luxury apartment buildings spend less time in their apartments than their less well-off neighbors. Second and even third homes are the reality for many wealthy shareholders and unit owners—…

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On The Board Mediation as relationship crisis psychologist support tiny person concept. Conflict assistance and negotiation management with third party help vector illustration. Communication problem solution.
Alternative Dispute Resolution

When conflict erupts in a multifamily community, be it between neighbors, between a resident and the board, or between board factions, it has the potential to cause real problems beyond just the immediate parties involved. Feuds between nei…

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