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Exterior Crystal Clear Solutions for Pool Maintenance
2006 Apr Crystal Clear Solutions for Pool Maintenance

When it comes to amenities in homeowner associations, few are as desirable and enjoyable as swimming pools. Having a semi-private place where people can swim or relax on a deck in the sun—without the hassle of actually maintaining the po…

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Building The Seasonal Maintenance Checklist
2005 Nov The Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

While the work of an association manager or superintendent is never truly done, there are certain times of the year that require specific attention to various details—and that often means more work. Winterizing a building and its surroundin…

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Building Resident vs. HOA Responsibility
2005 Nov Resident vs. HOA Responsibility

Like snowflakes, no two homeowner associations are exactly alike. New Jersey's laws governing HOAs allow for a good deal of leeway in how a condo, co-op or town home community decides to run things. One of these areas is in the care and …

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Building Basic Answers to Maintenance Questions
2005 Nov Basic Answers to Maintenance Questions

For the average condo owner juggling work, kids and family and taking care of one's home can seem daunting. Just remembering to take out the trash and wash the windows once a year can require elaborate checklists and days of planning. No…

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Building Care & Maintenance of Roof Systems
2005 Nov Care & Maintenance of Roof Systems

You would think that something as important as the roof over one's head would be one of the top priorities for condo owners and association members, but for some reason, roofs are often one of the most overlooked aspects of a building or…

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Exterior Brightening Up Suburban Landscapes
2005 Apr Brightening Up Suburban Landscapes

In a suburban community, outdoor lighting is an important part of any good overall security plan. A well-planned lighting scheme may deter intruders and also prevent falls and accidents by tenants and visitors. Outdoor lighting can also …

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Exterior Repainting and Power Washing
2005 Apr Repainting and Power Washing

For any residential development, dirt, extreme weather conditions, and everyday wear-and-tear can play havoc with even the most durable building materials, such as stone or steel. Those same elements take an even greater toll on painted …

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Exterior Maintaining Roof Drainage Systems
2005 Apr Maintaining Roof Drainage Systems

Everyone knows the old phrase about April showers bringing May flowers, but what the saying doesn't tell you is that the rain in April can also bring a lot of damage to your gutter system. Hard rain and blustery wind are always around on…

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Building Taking Care of Fireplaces and Chimneys
2004 Nov Taking Care of Fireplaces and Chimneys

A fireplace is a wonderful amenity in a home, but before you go off and light that first log, its important for association members to remember that a chimney and fireplace require special care and attention to make sure they remain clea…

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