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When it comes to amenities in homeowner associations, few are as desirable and enjoyable as swimming pools. Having a semi-private place where people can swim or relax on a deck in the sun—without the hassle of actually maintaining the pool—is a big draw for condo owners and co-op shareholders.

"A pool facility is something that's attractive to most purchasers," says Gary Wilkin of Wilkin Management Group in Mahwah. "It adds something of an expense to the operation, but I think that's offset by the fact that it's available to the residents who live there, and it's also a great place for residents to socialize in a nice environment."

For a property manager and board, keeping a pool in shape is a year-round job. It'd be great if all your pool needed were some chlorine in the summer and a pool cover in the winter, but it's more complicated than that. It's important to have a comprehensive plan for keeping your pool and its components in working order.

Good Pools Last a Lifetime

It's a rare occurrence where a pool needs to be replaced. According to James Jannarone of Candlewood Management Services, a pool management and service company in Howell, if your pool has a vinyl liner (very rare for an association pool), the liner would need to be replaced every 15 to 18 years or so. But it's almost a certainty that your association's pool is made of concrete, and that is something that should last a long time.

"The basic concrete shell is good forever," Jannarone says. "What needs to be done periodically is replacement of component parts such as filters, pump motors, and tile coping. Occasionally there are leaks that have to be repaired. But even in a worst-case scenario where there's a leak below the pool, that can be easily repaired without replacing the whole pool."


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  • I'd love to read an article about the quality of lifeguards. We have a guard who spends 75% (no kidding) of her time texting! Sometimes she does it while she is under a huge umbrella shielding her from the setting sun which also shields her view of the pool. After complaining to the management company she continued texting until Labor Day weekend!