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Exterior Updating Your HOA's Look
2007 March Updating Your HOA's Look

You've heard it before—first impressions are everything, whether it's for a job interview, a first date, or the curb appeal of a new home. So, if your condo or homeowners association has begun to look a little shabby or as out-of-date, perh…

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Exterior Surface Maintenance in HOAs
2007 March Surface Maintenance in HOAs

People are pretty rough on parking lots. Not only do we drive on them, but we leak oil and transmission fluid on them, pour salt on them when it snows, and leave it there well into spring. Snow plows and heavy garbage dumpsters goug…

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Exterior Home Staging Can Add Value
2007 March Home Staging Can Add Value

The real estate mantra is location, location, location, right? After that, it's price, square footage, condition, state of the market and maybe rooms with a view or available financing terms. This is all true—but there's a rel…

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Exterior Window Replacement
2007 March Window Replacement

Good quality windows are essential to a building's aesthetic appeal, as well as its energy efficiency. But what is involved in changing out the old windows for the new? There are a few important things boards and managers should kno…

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Maintenance A Look at Leaks
2006 Nov A Look at Leaks

Water leaks are the bane of many an apartment owner—and many a building superintendent. The innocent drip-drip-drip sound can augur waterfall-like hardship if not properly addressed. Leaks can cause major structural damage, ruin property…

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Building Understanding OSHA
2006 Nov Understanding OSHA

Whether your HOA or condo development has a full-time maintenance staff, a few supers or maintenance people, or just occasional contractors, those workers are covered by federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, gui…

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Building Fully Operational Operating Systems
2006 Nov Fully Operational Operating Systems

Every home has its own foibles, its own creaks and sounds that we, as its inhabitants, know so well. We know that our ovens run a little hot or that our clothes washers need a little kick in the middle of the spin cycle to keep them going. …

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Exterior Hiring Contractors
2006 Apr Hiring Contractors

Any board or manager that arranges for a contractor to come onto their property to do a project or render a service always hopes that the job will be done well, or that the service will be delivered exactly as expected. While the majorit…

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Exterior Construction Safety Laws and Procedures
2006 Apr Construction Safety Laws and Procedures

When you hire a contractor to do some work in your condo, co-op or HOA development, whether that work is lobby renovation, installing new windows, repairing elevators or fixing the roof, you and the contractor have two other partners: th…

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