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Exterior Caring for Paved Surfaces
2015 March Caring for Paved Surfaces

The pavement you walk and drive upon daily is easy to take for granted—but it's a major part of your condo or HOA's infrastructure. Understanding the materials and methods involved in installing and maintaining a multifamily community's pa…

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Exterior A Clear View
2015 March A Clear View

Windows can transform any space. They can turn a tiny kitchen into a front row seat to a glorious sunset; or make an upstairs bedroom a perfect perch for an ocean view. Windows bring both life and light to a home, meaning a great deal of t…

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Exterior Exterior Inspections
2015 March Exterior Inspections

When it comes to keeping the exterior surfaces of a co-op, condo or HOA well-maintained and free of any potentially dangerous structural issues, it’s up to the management company and board to take steps to insure the safety of residents an…

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Exterior Up on the Roof
2014 March Up on the Roof

In New Jersey, it's common for luxury condos to install recreational facilities on their rooftops—pools, hot tubs, decks and similar areas for socializing. You are also likely to find heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system…

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Exterior Keeping the Sky from Falling
2014 March Keeping the Sky from Falling

Walk down any street in any of New Jersey’s major cities and you may have to step around or go under one of the ubiquitous steel-and-plywood structures that shade urban sidewalks, more often than not festooned with wheat-pasted posters for…

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Exterior Staying Ahead of Trouble
2014 March Staying Ahead of Trouble

Remember the old jingle, ‘it takes a licking and keeps on ticking’? It was the famous tagline from the Timex watch advertisements. The gist of the ad is that no matter what you threw at it, a Timex watch kept working. If you think ab…

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Exterior Keeping it Clean
2014 March Keeping it Clean

Living in New Jersey can be something of a dirty job. And because of the task of cleaning off months (or years) of accumulated grime and dirt from the exterior of a building takes much more than a scrub-brush and a bottle of Windex; it req…

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Exterior Don't Neglect Essentials
2013 March Don't Neglect Essentials

 It's a common enough story: the condominium was relatively new, but from the  start its board of directors was stingy with maintenance and repair dollars.  Then the recession struck, and the percentage of unpaid maintenance fees  spiked. …

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Exterior Side by Siding
2013 March Side by Siding

 After years of wear and tear from the elements—or just the impact of a single catastrophic event like Superstorm Sandy this  past fall—the siding on the exterior of a condo, co-op or townhome can start to look a bit  under the weather.  …

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Exterior What Lies Beneath
2013 March What Lies Beneath

 They say a house is only as strong as its foundation. A bad roof or shoddy  plumbing can set your building back a lot of money, of course—but a foundation in disrepair can put the entire building structure at risk. It  can also cost tens …

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