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Exterior Invasion of the Night Crawlers
2011 March Invasion of the Night Crawlers

“Sleep tight—don’t let the bedbugs bite" used to be an innocuous children’s rhyme but these days, it's a nightmarish refrain for a growing number of co-op and condo owners and their building administrators. Virtually unheard of for deca…

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Exterior Paving the Way for Spring
2011 March Paving the Way for Spring

 When the days finally lengthen and the mornings lose that bitter chill, it’s time to assess the damage wrought by another New Jersey winter. For the board  members and the property manager of a community association, that wintertime  dama…

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Exterior Material Differences
2011 March Material Differences

These days, when a condo’s fencing, decking or siding wears out and needs replacement, smart boards are looking well beyond “apple-for-apple” replacement materials. Wood siding, a favorite for decades, is frequently being repla…

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Exterior Atlantic City
2010 March Atlantic City

 Utter the words “Atlantic City” and they conjure a wealth of imagery, from sandy beaches to the iconic  boardwalk to towering casinos and more. Long loved for its proximity to the  ocean and the cooling breezes that ease the swampy summer…

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Exterior Responding to Residents
2010 March Responding to Residents

 We all have needs. Wants, too. In a condo or HOA, the significant needs or wants  of the unit owners usually have to be routed through the board or management  company. In theory—and usually in practice—this is a sound and functional syst…

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Exterior Pardon Our Mess
2010 March Pardon Our Mess

 Time was, when you had a big construction or renovation job, you hired a general  contractor, and if the job was big enough, that contractor hired  subcontractors.    But in recent decades, a new player has entered into the process…

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Exterior Squirrels and Bats and Bears, Oh My!
2010 March Squirrels and Bats and Bears, Oh My!

 When most managers and condo-dwellers think of “pests,” they're probably thinking of mice and bugs—especially if they live in an urban area. But in semi-rural and even suburban  New Jersey, any number of animals can make nuisances of them…

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Exterior Through the Looking Glass
2010 March Through the Looking Glass

 Doing a major window replacement or repair project in a building or association  that’s home to dozens, or even hundreds of people isn’t easy. There are any number of scheduling and access considerations, and time  is obviously of the ess…

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Exterior Exterior Maintenance & Repair
2010 March Exterior Maintenance & Repair

 The facade is the first thing your residents and their guests see when they  approach and enter your building. It's the aesthetic face of your community, as  well as another layer of protection against the elements. Even though it may be …

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